Discrepancy of level 85 towers vs expectations

I know this might ruffle some feathers but hear me out…

I’ve just got done practicing on some newly minted 85 towers and something doesn’t feel right. I’m admittedly not the strongest flier in the game but I was able to breeze through an almost full base of 85s with little effort. Granted, it was undefended it just seemed way too easy. I’m not one of these fliers who counts shots but from my gut feeling it feels absolutely no different than level 80s to me. A fellow teammate tried the same base except with 2 defenders and still easily went through.

I’d like some more evidence one way or the other including other’s observations so far. I’m sure someone has the empirical data to back this up by now, as well.


I agree with you based what I have observed. 80 - 85 are the same.

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Best thing to do is to get someone with both 80s and 85s to just put out one of each tower and test them at the same time. Unfortunately I’m not up there yet to get 85s.

I to notice the same thing…

Mmmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Maybe they are lv 85’s but still have the same power as lv 80 towers as in hp and ap atm :face_with_monocle:

Fajra has both if anyone can test her base… if she had them up front I’d ember them and compare hp levels

I’ve tested an 85 dark flak vs an 80 dark flak. Same island, same runes. The 85 took 3 shots to kill. (Actually 2 shots and just a hair of HP left) The 80 took 2. The damage done by both looks very similar to me.

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One regular shot from each, healed fully in between hits. I can’t tell much difference in damage done. Especially not for the cost of upgrades.


Any chance you could expand a bit and get 5 hits from each (or 75% total health dealt)? Comparing such a small frame of reference is hard to tell if there indeed the ~30% damage gap.

Just a little self ping so this thread gets tracked for me and I can relay any info to our bigs who don’t use the forums much.

Maybe I’ll have max towers or dragons some day. Maybe.

Would be good to use death gaze or something that will one-shot those towers, and capture the screen with damage value. Also, there are number of players who could look into game files. Hopefully one of them will come here )

Could probably be that 85s ate just cosmetic? Since no remarkable change in hp and ap :grin:

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based on tower data, DF on lvl 80 has 13.8m attack and 32m hp, while DF 85lvl has 17.6m attack and 41m hp, so realistically there is some boost (30% hp and around 25% attk)

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I suspect 85s are designed to work with base boost and strong gear. (And probably still not as strong as I’d like them to be)

Although I would expect most decked out bases to have both, are you able to confirm the buff percent on the tactical map is 52/52? And that the perches were occupied and stuff.

I can’t tell you how much better they are or not, but I’ve had maybe 6 people hit me after I upgraded 5 towers to 85, and they all died, but that means absolutely nothing so far.

Going strictly by my dp gained I was underwhelmed… I’m glad it’s not just me questioning this

Well the game files show the normal 30% increase over 5 levels, same as all tower levels after 60:


But we can’t know for sure what the game does with it, I do remember the old flak damage cap bug, so some in-game checking won’t hurt.

I’ve been taking them with Ronin’s WotB. Given that I was only able to do this reliably on level 80s once I upgraded my Den this event (uncapping Ronin for me) I agree that something is off. I’d be able to take maxed bases with a lvl 50 Ronin as things stand now and I AM NOT that good of a flyer, not even close.

85’s are a big disappointment…don’t do nearly the damage they should. Why keep upgrading towers that don’t do more damage?


flakgate 2.0?

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