Discuss the new currency

New currencies continue to be rolled out. Nails are on the horizon. That means main game will be due for one soonish. I’m guessing it will be called bucks.

Poor people may have no bucks to give.
Indifferent players may not give a buck.
Overheated players may call it “Hotter than 2 rats bucking in a wool sock.”
Dragon riders may get bucked off.

Anyway, be on the lookout for more bucking currencies.


are you bucking serious

Are you trying to cause a bucking riot? Because this is how you cause bucking riots.

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What the Buck! How many Bucks can I buy for a dollar!

I couldn’t give a:
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


:roll_eyes: my good I thought I would never see another flying buck…well it is Kentucky

What the buck?! Why the buck would you say that?

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this is bucking shit

I honestly thought it would involve TP rolls as a new currency. I was bucking wrong apparently :relieved:


TP? In a game set in a medieval fantasy world? Surely you jest.

How do they wipe their dragons butts otherwise? Banana leaves?

Dunno. I just hope they don’t use poison ivy :joy:

Nah, we have Dragon Riders for a reason :smirk:

How on earth did this get going. This bucking crazy.

Off topic: Didn’t posts by mods and employees use to be completely highlighted? All the recent ones have only the text highlighted.

Also new colors it seems, they all used to be pale yellow, now the pg ones are hard yellow, mods are some kind of dodgy turquoise color.


The new forum colors are bucking ugly.

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buck, Is this a bucking joke

Yeah and painful to the eyes :roll_eyes: