Discussion: End of Season 1 of War Dragons

This is a discussion thread linked to the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (There is no announcement) regarding the End of Season 1 of War Dragons.

It’s been a blast playing with all of you, and getting to know the community, but starting TOMORROW as ALL BASES, PLAYERS, and PRIMARCHS are RESET (:cry:)…what do you plan to do differently?

I for one plan to build an entire base of maxed ballistas. This will be awesome!

(This is an 1st of April thread…feel free to have some fun with it)




Nothing on April 1st makes any sense :joy::joy: especially the thread

would have been better if it was a rick roll imo but also Pranks for April Fools ← Pranks for april fools if anyone needs ideas

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Well he didn’t get me even if that is what is pic showed it was a terrible prank tbh because it didn’t really make any sense