Discussion on pack valuation philosophy

I’m curious on how the game economists work out pack value especially when they compare it to other offerings.

One example is 21,000 embers for $160

As a player the first thing I do is what are my entertainment options for $160.

I could goto a top shelf restaurant, buy drinks and get an Uber home for $150.

I could get decent tickets at the footy, beer and lunch for $100.

I could get concet tickets for $150.

Basically $150 is a good day or night out. I could also buy and fully own 2 computer games with no more to pay for $150.

Or PGs offer of 21,000 embers.

In the game 17,100 embers is ONE tower level.

So for $160 in WD I can get RSS for one tower level ( but I still need the timers so its not even one level of one tower )

Seems alot.

Especially when PG offers 8,000 embers for 300 sigils. PG don’t place much value on embers which is an old currency.

So on the other hand PG values 21,000 embers as 787.5 sigils.

But then they sell 5,500 sigils for $160

So how are both of these packs $160?

The ember pack is 14.3% the value of the sigil pack yet both are 80% discount.

Shouldn’t the ember pack have at least 150,000 embers for $160 to be ballpark fair value compared to PGs internal valuation of item combinations / valuation vs other pack offerings?


In a nutshell…facepalm


The price is based off of the USD Price. Thus depending on where you live, it may be cheaper or more expensive than your country’s equivalent currency.

I’m fine with the USD or USD equiv price I’m just curious on how valuation is done because there seems to be a huge disconnect.


To be frank they pull those numbers outta their rear. Some bean counter went how far can we push these dumb gamers? Many games offer far more value for the dollar,pg offers no value thanks in part to whales .


Inquiring minds want to know……

Seriously though, the pack costs (and discounts) have never made sense. Ever.


I’m guessing the price point is mainly targeted at whales. $160 is probably nothing for them.

PG would likely make more money if they made the shop stuff affordable and worth getting for normal players.

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I wouldn’t compare seasonal nodes with actual packs, as it’s more than comparing nodes, cost wise (otherwise, the free chests will be crazy to compare with everything else).

and hoping that this thread won’t be a reason to lessen the prize in the season branch

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I was more thinking that the 21,000 embers was incorrect and that the other pack’s were priced correctly.

The exchange conversions for sigils seem reasonable

1 tower level for $160 seems wrong. I thought perhaps the 21,000 embers was missing a zero given ember towers are old tech.

Comparing with a specific node in a line isn’t really fair, because that’s not something you can keep buying.

But 21k embers for $160 is obviously a terrible offer. If you buy a 35k ruby pack and spend it all on gold chests in fort you get a similar amount of embers on top of all the other drops from 100 gold chests.

Also the dollar value in general seems pretty terrible, but that’s something everyone will have to decide for themselves, a $160 is a lot for some and nothing for others, can’t really give an objective value there. I do know I’m not buying any of these packs.


Point taken that the offer is quite specific. Would this one be a better comp?

If we say 1,000 embers is about 100 sigils.

That still places that pack at half the value of the sigil pack.

I’m more thinking from the perspective of which pack is a good fit for player X.

Like to me the sigil packs are ok. Not terrible but not amazing.

Egg packs were quite useful for me to catch up to end game with 2 years off.

That new 40,000 ruby pack seems quite good and I like that one.

The timer pack is quite poor and similar to this 1 tower level pack.

Perhaps when towers needed 10,000 embers ~100 this pack made sense with a few levels and the issue is just that it needs to scale with tower levels.

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