Dislike how glory scaling works

My team rank power is 21 and if I were to attack a someone who’s team power is 205 and the base is 40 levels above me, I get a mere 53% glory.

Doesn’t that mean your team is far stronger than your target’s?
(Also, is this in NML?)


A level 3 castle

Think about it in any other context. The 21st best team plays the 205th. That’s a little like a professional sports team playing a college team.

Yeah, the levels are similar, but again, think about the contexts. A player on a professional team is generally far better than their counterpart on a college team. There’s glory in the college player outdoing the pro player, but very little in the reverse situation.


Think about this too
Let’s say dreadnought decided to give them a couple of level 4 and 5 castles which is well hidden and protected.
Yes, half of this college noobs will be ranked top in atlas ranking
Awesome, the best of both worlds


Then they’re a weak team (taking PoV from your team’s side) protected by a giant.
Beating the giant still grants you full glory. Defeating them on the giant’s turf (the 4* / 5* castle) still gives you full glory. So?



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So, it is reasonable and totally makes sense that I get half the glory for attacking someone way above my level?

No, but Atlas has been this way since forever. Where have you been all this time?

This mechanic is in place to incentivise combat among equals. On the flip side it has introduced sandbagging incentives but my point remains - it was always been like this so why are you complaining only now?


If it’s intended as 1 on 1 battle (NML) then no.
If it’s considered as castle raids, then yes, as castle’s attack are considered as team battle, not individual battle.


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Interesting - in what way do you think you’re a better player than me?

Clearly you don’t know how atlas works so…


Simple, you don’t even realise that I used to get 100% glory for attacking anyone above my level.
If you don’t understand, please don’t involve and judge

And do you know WHY you used to get 100%? Because I do - you clearly don’t.

Besides you would never have gotten 100% in all situations. The same thing would have happened to you before 5.02 if you tried to attack a lower influence team.

Yep, I get your problem.
The 100% limit is used to at lv 400, in which suitable for dragon tiers at the time it’s introduced.
There have been more Lineage dragon releases, which cause Lv 400 threshold is no longer suitable.
Hence, try attacking lv 500+ or anyone in T4+ for guaranteed 100% glory.

revert back. (thanks to @DrDjGrumpsalot )

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It would be the same result regardless of him hitting the 496 or 500+ as he’s hitting on a T3.

Edit: as corrected by DrDJ 500+ players don’t get scaled by team rating.

Here I am talking about someone “40” levels above me.
And I’m seeing lots of opportunities for higher levels exploiting this loophole

Having team power of 21, you are likely from one of D1 team (likely from team power rank table it is even possible to know, which team exactly). The team with power 201 is likely somewhere around S3. So, what you are doing on their castle?

Looking for glory in castles? Look for teams of the same power. If you joined diamond league, play in diamond and compete with diamond players. Wanted to get glory from sapphire - play in sapphire. Sounds reasonable.


good luck


I feel the hidden /s tag :joy:
Could you elaborate, what’s wrong with that part and what I’m missing?