Dispense With Mega Coins in the Crystal Caves Event

Crystals in the Crystal Caves event have health metrics that are easily manageable to sweep through in an inconsiderable timeframe. Mega coins make it such that thousands of points are able to be garnered in one fell swoop, and this can have deleterious effects in a Player Versus Player environment, contrasting with a Player Versus Environment perspective in which quicker point gain would not be of any issue.

The leading predicament is the regression of competition. The ease it requires to strip crystals of their health sets a boundary that is difficult to cross once Team A has used deceitful tactics to reach a vantage point over the other team, Team B. One of those “deceitful tactics” is the diversifying of mega attacks across all three crystals. The allowance of mega coins sets the stage for a team to exploit the system to ensure that each crystal is unconquerable by the opposing team; it can be deduced that this greatly reduces competition in the environment, notwithstanding the brief 2-minute cooldown time. (Even with that, mega coins are still a calamity to face on a low to moderate resource supply.)

My solution to such calamity is to rid the entire Crystal Caves event of mega coins until the event nears its end. The reason I convey that it should return at the end (the final 12 hours seems probable to satisfaction) is that mega attacks are often used as a catch-up mechanism when time has been low for a player throughout the duration of the event. This would allow for a more robust playing environment, while also ensuring that players low on time still have the ability to catch up on progress in the final stages of the event.


But doesn’t encouraging usage of mega coin drain player resources better and faster?


I’d say it’s a good idea but if they do that then they will rework prizing and who knows what else …….
That’s how events end up in the meta dumpster fire :fire: where events go to be retired after it’s been ran a few times broken which of course ends up costing players even more …….

Here’s a better and safer idea
Just make new pvp atlas events and retire the core games antiquated pvp cycle!

Then move rank to map and actually integrate map and core game using the event cycle and move prizing and activity to that map for once !
The old core event cycle needs to be tossed :man_shrugging:

No thank you, that would make the event far too grindy and not at all fun to play. I have better things to do with my time than waste copious amounts of time each round without mega coins.

Actually, if you recall, the very first iteration of Crystal caves had white VP chunk crystals completely mega restricted. That was changed because it made things feel like too much of a grind. Going with your suggestion, would make that feel even worse.


I would see no need for this, as points would be more difficult to accumulate, not easier. A prize revamp would only be necessary in the case of a broken economy (based on observation of how things have flown in the past), and making it such that points are more difficult to attain wouldn’t really achieve that goal.

Good points, and I do recall that. I also did not like that very much.

In this case, they could just increase each crystal’s health. That would likely be a better solution.

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Oh goodness no—at least not in higher leagues. We already had the HP reduced; I’d hate to have it increased. It might be different in other leagues though. If your gameplay is more about grinding, just wait for the mega race of crystal boosts to be over and grind the chunks. With the cooldown times, there’s a nice cycle of crystals coming in.

I’m not on your team, or in your league, so I don’t know if your suggestion stems from constantly getting refunded and feeling pressure to use attacks you wouldn’t normally. In my own league, I have had rounds where I’m getting refunded more than landing an attack, but with 25 rounds, it’s easy to find a good amount where I can get my attacks in.


Exactly there would be no need ……
And when have they ever left well enough alone ?:rofl:
I’d as soon not see them fiddle anymore than necessary lol

Pg should just focus on making new more dynamic events so these old stale events can be set aside to be ran as fun surprise events in a new event cycle!
But I will say that’s probably just my old long time perspective of all these events need scrubbing lol

Unfortunately they will never get rid of Mega Coins unless they decide to release something even worse. Mega coins are one of the worst things they ever created and ruined all pvp events. All they do is devalue work, effort and time spent grinding and make it so lazy players can out do harder working players and has made pvps like Gauntlet, CC and event Temple Raid a race of who can burn through the most that usually only lasts a couple minutes.

I preferred CC when megas were restricted, that was something that made it a unique event that stood out from all the rest, where actual time spent playing was rewarded over just being lazy and spamming megas. Unfortunately they had to go and ruin that. I get not everyone has the time to grind and that’s fine but then they shouldnt be getting the same rewards either for not putting in the same work.


Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Mega Coins in the this event (any more than I have a problem with Mega Coins, in general, that is).

At the risk of being off-topic, my only improvement that I’d like to see is that the flames for invalid attacks count towards wildfire. This event has a high rate of invalid attacks and mega wars definitely increase the frequency of this. A successful attack is a successful attack. The refund of rrs is great and I don’t want that change in any way but the flames would be a nice acknowledgment of the time invested to attack and win, nonetheless.


Megacoin is my source point, i cant watch the phone allday to attack. Thats why pg give a good crystall at the start of pvp.
I know you have a lot of time to waste op, but i have work to do, family to go along with.


I’m not lazy, I use mega coins. A lot of them. A lot.
I prefer it that way.
I hated this event when it was grinding supers for crap points.
I still hate this event, but at least I can get better points with my megas.


I would like health potions to be given in case of invalid attacks. I hate losing health potions to invalid attacks, and this is a major annoyance at the start of every round…which rewards the team for being online early.

Even if your dragon was healed to begin with, I don’t think an extra (let’s say) 20 health potions a day will break the in-game economy.

Make it happen please!

Regarding OP’s suggestion, I think mega coin has its uses. The rounds get super grindy after 10x multipliers are exhausted. Plus you’re getting a lot of unhappy people if they can’t throw down megas when desirable crystals show up.


Why though? If you healed a dragon and got an invalid attack, just attack another open crystal.

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Because I used a health potion for an invalid attack and I would like to get it back… What’s wrong with getting a potion back for an attack that didn’t count? I grind a lot so I actually need to watch my heal potions. I attack every boat and bridge I see in hopes of getting extras.

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