Display aspect ratio issue


I use iPad and iPhone to play this game.
I am unable to see properly those temple, boats and monuments on my iPad but can see them all in iPhone.
I guess this could be due to iPad 4:3 display aspect ratio. I checked with pg and they mentioned to raise this concern here in forum.

My only point is why can’t we have in game option to scale custom display aspect ratio under setting. My 2 cents :thinking:.

Your thoughts?


iPad is 4:3 aspect ratio and iphone is 16:9. Unless you can add a couple inches to your iPad, you’re out of luck.


I can play with horizontal black bar up and down like movies.
I am asking Dev can create option to choose custom aspect ratio for game display.


I mean there are so many such devices with different display aspect ratio and latest ones are iPhone X and Galaxy S8.


Some of my teammates brought this up with support a while back and what we were told is that its tied to the device so changing it would have to be something apple (or android) does.


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