Display iPhone X vs. iPhone 7 plus

Just installed war dragons on my new iPhone X … and to be honest, I’m disappointed to say at least

IPhone 7 Plus:

and – on a iPhoneX :

(click to see it in full width)

Really not as supposed to be I assume?

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wow, that is awful


Yes, worse than an iPhone 6 … too much wasted space and the handle at the bottom … crazy

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Can you help the guy out on this?

That’s hilarious

I think they will have to wait for the iPhone X to come to their engineers or team who can do this.

New phone so takes time to adjust it.

So, this is partially based on Apple’s requirements for the iPhone X.

We’re still not utilizing the “safe area” fully, but there are always going to be black bars on either side as that is mandated.

That is very useful for me, as a phone sales rep, to see the X’s app guidelines. Thanks.
Also unfortunate for users of the X… I’m glad I stayed on an 8+.

Any idea what that bar at the bottom is for? x.x Is that the obnoxious drawer that slides up?

It’s the new home / context button, iirc. I haven’t played around with the X yet.

Thanks for the insight. It looks like the layout you guys have need to be moved some but understandable you guys are stuck with the safe area. Not really sure what Apple was thinking with the new phone and restricting the safe area of the new display.

Completely understand the safe area, but will the game be updated to at least maximize that? The game has shrunk considerably for me from the iPhone 7 Plus, much harder to play now.

Probably? Remains to be seen how much real estate we can use.

Ugh the game is indeed horrible with the iPhone x. Got the same problem. Other apps do Use full screen.

The bottom drawer serves two functions: returning to the home page from within an app, & pulling up all open apps (previously done with two rapid clicks)

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Another finishingtouch of the game

CONGRATZ on gettin* the iPhone X. Was wandering how it was gonna look on there

It‘s very disappointing to hear this, are you sure your UI team can‘t properly adjust the game UI to the new format? Like a full screen game with the buttons moved slightly towards the middle so they aren‘t hidden behind the camera or the round corners?

I want to hint at this old thread right here where @pgCampusLifer already posted some feedback:

Sadly my pictures in that post don‘t show anymore, maybe you have the in the old forum/server backup…

Get a samsung s8 :joy::joy:
It has a use full screen option for all apps. Go Android!

(obviously that was tongue in cheek. I have both and ios is much better user experience imo)

Well like he has already said, they haven’t used all that they can. He also stated that Apple has put the restrictions in place on what parts of the screen can/cannot be used. It isn’t up to PG, they can only deal with the hand that they are dealt…