Display option during event

Since my ideas on a percentage of points on unsuccessful attacks for the defenders and on failed reimbursement for canceled megas encountered so much resistance, I now put the display of megas in the respective invitation (both defense and attack) in the room.
In the game it works just like in the event with special highlighting and further information can now be viewed in Atlas, so why not more information on the type of attack during the event?

(Yeah, here comes again, “Blah blah, defenses are bad” - :roll_eyes:)

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You mean a gold banner for mega attacks so teammates know your launching a mega and so the enemy knows what kind of attack your making when the banner pops up?

So you want to make it easier for a team to squash your mega attacks because
the banner will let them know it’s a mega attack.

So ok that’s going to make me hit something you can’t never defend against me ……
I’ll simply attack down more and all that will accomplish is to make mega coins more dangerous to use and less used by all but spenders!
So for younger players and non spending play styles who are just barely scraping up enough resources to launch one they will will not like the idea of potentially losing it every time which is the majority of the player base……
And the attacker losses his element of surprise which seems like just less competitive offensive play and more boring @ss defending!

And because he can’t slip a mega in without it most likely being defended he will simply attack down more to ensure he doesn’t waste his resources!

All this encourages is attacking down and it discourages mega coin use and spending it also decreases overall defense while I wait patiently for a mega banner ……

And because it discourages resource use I don’t see pg making this change :man_shrugging:

And it’s not that defense is bad it’s that what your proposing while addressing one issue of mega coins you will have produced another issue!

It doesn’t solve a issue it creates another one ……


Good suggestion I believe. Having more information on the banner is good as long as it is kept simple.

Don’t you assume defended for all critical runs? Such as megas and Atlas attack?


What do you mean exactly?
Yes i assume it’s a mega and defend currently……
If you mark mega attacks I will wait for those to defend when it’s most prudent :man_shrugging:
I will simply defend less overall as a result……


Always assume such runs are defended, so we don’t aim too high, or having sufficient prep (like high backups) for the runs.


Oh yes
Yes I attack as high as I can and still destroy the base If it gets defended.
And so this will just encourage me to attack down even more to ensure I don’t loose my resources! lol

These are old arguments that were put forth many times after the initial launch of mega coins and we can discuss them all again if you want……. :rofl:
But you will not find much traction on this topic especially from pg :man_shrugging:
It’s was like pulling teeth to get castles names added to blue banners!

I just don’t see pg wanting us to be less likely to use a mega coin….

I’ll put this bluntly……
Unrewarded defense with a core defensive objective produces revenue!

Defense makes money you will not get rewarded for defense because it’s what drives revenue :man_shrugging:
Acquisition of power in core game ….
Acquisition of castles on the map ……
Both defensive in nature and both drive revenue :rofl:


That was a good one.


A part of the strategy is to fake a mega with a a normal attack, to draw jn some defenders, I think. for the pvp of this event…

What is the point in defending in pvp?

Between team place 1st and 5th or even last is only a few hundred sigils depending on league. I spend enough time trying to get points from individual prizes I have no interest in defending for a few scraps. I doubt mega coins being defended or not will change to the position my team finishes tbh

There is no incentive to defend no points and no reward so why bother

Ego? :thinking:

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The lack of motivation has already been addressed, that both normal defenses (due to low loot when dragons are shot down) and event defense (due to missing points in the event of a successful defense / unsuccessful attacks on the defenders / base owners - not for the team).

Addressed and fixed are miles apart


its pixels you don’t own and is some cases have cost thousands of dollars.

if defending against and dropping a dragon for little to no reward results in a boost to your ego then fair play crack on

better perhaps if it resulted in happiness or a sense of enjoyment which is more of a reason to play a game

I meant the ego to turn the team they are currently taking a part of the best one at least on their subleague for the ongoing week of the pvp event? :thinking:

I can’t really think of another one. So… :man_shrugging:t2:

Strategically, very little, especially with these offense-focused race events. I used to defend regularly in Kingdom Wars where there was no short term objective and a stop was basically as good as flying a run, and potentially made an opponent look at another team for easier points.

maybe but not sure tbh

in pretty much all events i find a target i can solo on auto undefended and with points I’m happy with then just chain run them not much fun but gets the job done if I’m at work, watching tv or had a few too many which if when most of my playing is done now.

is what it is i guess. most of the time after 2 or 3 runs the defender gets board as im hitting down and the second dragon just kills it anyway so i just carry on

Well, there is absolutely no point in defending if the attacker can’t be stopped.

I pretty much limit my defense to those who over-reach, or maybe at tier depending on the base. But as you say, there isn’t really much point - I pretty much do it just for a bit of fun. In the old days, base building and defense were half the fun of this game. Now pretty much irrelevant.

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Yeah, that’s also my opinion - and I miss these days… :confounded:

But apparently no one of the “elite teams” wants to change it…

Once again, a “difficulty”, a supposedly interesting suggestion, is silenced…