Dissatisfied? What are YOU doing?


Would be plain wrong to have Prod environment the same as Dev/Test. But it should be similar. Same code obviously, just different size/quantity of servers.

In fact there should be a Dev/Sandbox environment and then a Test environment…


Want see changes ? Ask for diamonds teams stop spending for 2 events , some sapphire teams have a huge spenders . Do it and we all see changes . The changes only comes after they pocket hurt


I’m about to walk away from the game. Have already told some on my team I’m thinking of calling it quits.


Two events won’t matter. That’s two weeks. I don’t know any company that trends their own finances on something that short.


There’s an implied /s in the post :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: you can get panned without due process here that is for sure. But does it really matter? Speak your peace.


I used to have a couple minis along with my main account. I spent money for all 4 of them - WTF was I thinking? Imagine the cost for all 4 accounts to get to higher levels rapidly - I’ll let you do the math :thinking:… I have since let go of the 3 minis and have just been with my main… PG lost easily $1000 a month just on my 3 mini accounts - to no surprise, nothing changed… I take that back, they started to cheapen the packs but leave the same cost…
I am still a very active player however that is soon to change as well. I don’t see the point in supporting a game that the creators don’t care about their players! To me this is a very selfish and undermining way to present yourself if you are wanting support and players… I have a coup,e times voiced my opinion on these forums only to be talked down to by whoever some of these people are - avid fans/players…PG jerks themselves I don’t know, it is irrelevant - don’t give players a forum to make their piece on and then disrespect them when they voice! So take this post however you will, if you intend to be disrespectful do all of us who are trying to help make the the game more compatible and don’t say anything -
I intend to completely be done with this game by Christmas if things don’t change! I feel that gives PG enough time to get th8ngs right again - if not, well I can find other things to do instead of wasting my life away playing a game! PG needs to consider their players and the opinions and complaints they present and instead of bullshit, be proactive and make some acceptable changes!


I’ve been playing for 8 months now, and since I’m an intern I don’t have enough income to pay for a game, and basically all my earnings go towards college.

I’m at Platinum tier and wanted to play as E2P as soon as I hit Sapphire. Guess its not going to happen.

I’ve been reading these forums since day 1 and people are clearly disheartened by the directions that this company is taking.

Its completely ridiculous that I have to pay 200k tokens for a dragon that’s 4 or 5 tiers below the top tier, and yet PG never takes action.

If I’m tired of reading all of this in less than a year that I’ve been lurking these forums, I can only imagine that those who are here for a longer time must be already damn exhausted.

Then every year comes 2 new dragon tiers, tower levels constantly increasing… this pace that the game is taking is completely unhealthy for both the player base and the game. Now divine dragons prices seems to have increased as well.

The game is fun, I can’t deny that, but whatever I was willing to save and pay for Elite or some packs, surely I’ll use it for something else instead.

Keep up the good job PG, I’m sure that you’ll reach the goal of sinking this game to a point where newcomers will quit because every 6 months the endgame is pushed away from them, and those at the top won’t have anybody else to keep things challenging (and probably they will get tired of spending in such abnormal manner), which will lead you all to shut down the servers.

I know it’s a hard task to screw things up, but I believe you all can do it.


I’ll take it one step farther. I’m already committed not get a season’s dragon this event, just playing to get tokens, etc. I did the reverse of you, I went to my alt and decided to just play it. My E2P expires in April 2019. No, I haven’t spent any money on the game since May 2018, and I was doubling what you were spending.:sob:

So…will be breeding legendary platinums this season, leveling the pairs to breeding age as well as evolving my devines up to Platinum Legendary, that should get me close to the end of this year. By then, two things should have happened, 1) PG will have posted their intentions for changes by the end of September and 2) some of these changes will have been implemented.

If their intentions for change are miniscle or contradictory as to what we have been insisting upon, then in April when the Elite expires, I’m done. Not only will I be quiting WD, I will not engage in any game, novel writing, or other App Pocket Gems makes available.

Fool me once shame on you, not going to fool me twice.


Why wait till April :joy: start looking for meaningful things to take up the time now :+1:


I’ve already paid for the Elite, might as get my money’s worth.

Have a Nice Day!


It’s a trap. It’s juat more time for PG to suck you back in.


Won’t work. And I don’t think they’ll care anyway. Too many players in game financing them and probably will continue to finance them regardless of what they’ll do or not do.

I just don’t understand people, I guess some’s egos won’t let them even risk falling behind, I guess this game is their life, not just a small fraction of it. Sad.:cry:

I shouldn’t be surprised, as most teams’ Leaders are probably not either, as the number of players who put themselves first above the teams needs are in the minority. You can tell by how they play to maximize their points over maximizing the team’s.

Those that work always in the best interest of the team knows who they are, the rest, if the shoe fits…

But I’ll just go back to playing the various solitaire games after April if there isn’t a major change, not a threat, it’s just a fact.


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