Divide and Conquer 🔥

This is mainly because I am bored and having nothing left to do really so take this with a grain of salt.

It might be fun to add another event that happens monthly with the blackbloods to solve a few issues and keep active players on their guard in atlas, I call it Divide and Conquer where a hoard of AI attackers probably the black bloods and a group of monsters. The ones that walk around the territory’s attack castles. And Blockade them from alliances joining the battle besides those who arrived ahead of time. If the castle is lost then a small special barrier is active allowing them for a small period of time have the chance to conquer the castle back, then after the time is up any team can attack them to claim the castle. During defense it would be cool to see siege weapon and barricades from king of the hill come back allowing players to defend their base if only for a while longer. Would this event work possibly?

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