Divin power and Level


how can I know the power of my divine according to the level?

for example Fomhar at level 25 what is his power?

and to be at the level of Fomah at what level should be the den?


This website has the answers you seek

Edited for typos… it was too freaking early here.


Keep in mind the numbers on the site doe not take into account research, runes, or riders.

My main has a level 37 Fomhar that is 63M unboosted compared to the 18.6M on that site.

Also, the AP number is made up. Some dragons Just suck and will never be able to take a base that a dragon with similar AP can take.

Thank you for information, but sorry what do you mean by typo :thinking:?
I’m French and I use google translate :grin:

Oh I see thank you. I have Oksana full and the runes of Fomhar line + epic rage.

I checked and my Fomhar level 19 is at 5M to compare at the 1,7M of the website :thinking::joy:

I had spelled “answers” as answeres or something like that :laughing:

That’s pretty normal, those numbers don’t include any runes, research etc. They’re pretty decent for comparing basic attack/hp with line dragons or other season divines though. How effective the actual dragon will be depends a lot on the spell set of course.

For example, the site list 1.7m AP for your Fomhar 19. This means his attacks will be similar to Necryx at 21, or Rizar at level 16. When you equip those dragons at the same level as Fomhar, they will also have 5M attack power.

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You can figure out their rough attack power for future levels.

My fomhar is 63M vs the 18.6M. Max for emerald will be 33.7M.

63M / 18.6M * 33.7M = 114M attack power.

Oh yes I did with your information :clin d’œil:

Yes thank you

My lvl 21 fomhar has 9.1 million AP unboosted and 15.4 million AP boosted

Does it jump up that much?!? My lvl19 Fom has 3.7mil or so AP unboosted. A low-level Tor is on him too. :t_rex:

He has good rider gear


I have an expert oksana on him as well as some seasonal atlas armor and some legendary and epic armor.

Oh wow gotcha lol. Cool :ok_hand:I got siper excited for a minute :rofl: Rider stuff really does make a difference. Damn. :t_rex:

It is about +50% AP and +40% health.

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Rider gear makes a HELL of a difference. My rider i’m setting up for Noctua has +60% attack and +40% HP :exploding_head:

I can’t wait for fort. I am lvl 116, and just got my first sapphire. So I will be trying for lvl 134 to be able to evolve fomhar to sapphire. The AP increase should be tremendous.

Wow. I used to underestimate riders but I’m certainly not anymore. I do have an expert Oksana on my Avyx, but no gear :cold_sweat: Hoping for Atlas one day, but until then, seasonal stuff it is. :t_rex: