Divine Dragon breeding

Please provide a Divine Dragon or Dragon’s that can be breed based upon those we have

Except for some very specific Divine dragons, the vast majority of dragons in the “divine” dragons tab in the breeding castle can’t be bred at all.

The only divine dragon that is breedable that you might still be able to get is Donivalis (although PG tends to only let that one be breedable during special breeding events). All the other divine dragons that could be bred require parents of other divine dragons that are no longer available to obtain.

And no divine dragon is able to breed with any of the dragons found in the “lineage” dragons tab in the breeding castle.


This would be cool too have again these frag dragons at endgame or mid endgame.
But the likelihood of us having this again is pretty low

Before I would have said it would never happen… but then PG decided to bring back Equestor, so who knows anymore? :woman_shrugging:


Upon initially thinking about this, I would say that this would bear the same results as equestor. An outdated dragon that would be rendered pretty much useless depending on how recent the divine was and even then most legendary divines are limited use anyway


I say pg should introduce a new breedable divine Dragon like donivalis but now at emarald or obsidian tier. Then every 6 months they can introduce a new one every two or three tiers above the newly released one.

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@PGGalileo Any thought or insight on this