Divine Dragon Den Cap

Now, to level Aibrean from 7 to 8, I have to have a level 17 den? It wasn’t so before…

Yes, I already submitted a ticket, but I wonder if anyone knows about this.
Perhaps it was in an update I didn’t bother to read over.

It’s been that way.


The level breakpoints have changed as follows:

  1. Fall 2016
  2. Winter 2016 - Fall 2017
  3. Winter 2017
  4. Spring 2018

Winter 2017 and Spring 2018 smooth out the power jumps more or less and generally require higher levels at times. You have to compare based on evo stones/power levels now and NOT level directly.

Edit: Also, note that there are some differences near the end when there are new stones later on (Neptus last season, Winter 2017, which was a Mythic during Obsidian but Legendary in Harbinger) or legendaries become mythics (e.g. Summer 2017 with Kinnarus and the rest that season or Winter 2017).

Thank you
I had no idea lol :smile:

It’s the PG hokey pokey. Level your dragons, level your den, level your storage, level yourself.

Level our mindset, level our effort, level our spending…

they change the level limitation since the new dragon can reach higher tier then previous one

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