Divine dragons are too easy to get

Anyone else see how easy they are to get? The divines are too easy to get to be considered “divines”. I’m not suggesting that PG make the players spend more money. One solution is to make the level requried to incubate the divines higher, or increase the incubation time. Make events such as breeding less often and just get rid of kingdom wars, they aren’t doing anyone any good.

Are you freaking kidding me? For those of us who are further along in the game divines are freaking EXPENSIVE to get to a usable level, and PG keeps jacking up the prices on them every time they roll out a new tier.

I would be considered a “mid-level” player at lvl 228. I have obsidian dragons. It takes a fair bit of effort to get a non-discounted dragon up to obsidian tier. Anything below that and I might as well not even use it. Only thing it would be good for is the temple raid event. I need at least the Obsidian stone, preferably at least the harbinger stone for a divine to be worthwhile.

For players near end game, divine dragons are utter junk if they don’t all but max out the line.

Are divines a problem at low levels? Yes.

Should PG make it so low levels focus on the lineage dragons at low levels more? I would say no. PG has gone and changed the meta of the game. Most of the early dragons that low level players get simply can’t cope with bases that have flaks on them.


What I want to know is who see’s level 10s?


Lv10s with divine, that’d be one of the festives, right? :see_no_evil: would it burn you up if I were to tell you I know of a few people who got Pathox without paying a single penny, too?

I don’t think I’ve ever let a divine heal before I used it in the next run so not sure what increasing heal time would accomplish.


U have no idea about the difficulties that I face every day… :joy:

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Oh no :scream: tell us more…


I’m sure a level 10 with Gunnar is quite the struggle.


What idi*cy have I created?

#newplayerproblems :joy:


U have no idea…

Wait, level 10s aren’t even orange tier so they can’t have divines


But they can, one doesn’t have to be in the tier to have that divine…I think kinnarus or nec was green when they came out

You do realize, that player need to be level 28 to have an Orange tier divine right? And they can’t upgrade it till 49.

Please tell us, what are a level ten’s problems?


Explain this then, a level 10 has sommus a RED tier dragon

You know, at that level it doesn’t take long to build your base up… You should pick 5 towers, and upgrade just those. 2 attack, 1 storm, a red mage, and a blue mage. Get a strong base and you won’t have this issue with OP divine dragons killing your base :woman_shrugging:

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Somnus is a festive. Aka starts at red tier. Read my post again.

Also, mr hotdog, now would be a good point to take a look at mech’s building guide and red’s breeding guide and not to build a ballista. If you wanna beat sumnus, just have properly level towers and a storm and 2 mages. Down he goes.


I don’t have any ballistas…also many base building guides are outdated

The building list perhaps.
However, the main theory is still relevant.


They’re not outdated till level 45.