Divine dragons are too easy to get


My god…it’s not the fact that level 10s are beating my base…it’s just unrealistic that they should be in possession of a dragon classified as a “divine”


I’m above 45


Okay now I have to see your base, as anyone who’s following a competent base guide shouldn’t be experiencing that :rofl:


No lvl 10s r destroying MY base in particular


They are called divine because a special procedure is required to obtain them, not because they are powerful (even though they are…)


And I’m saying that that special procedure should be more special


If your base sucks, that’s your own business. Get good.

Try getting the full line of a divine and come cry about how expensive it is then.

They’re special- you have to work in events to get them. But to get them to a decent level you need to put in a fair bit of effort.


Remember kinnaraku? Yeah, we had to get dragons with sigils and breed those dragons


Why does everyone assume I have a trash base now?


Why else would you be complaining about a level 10 with a shitty lil Somnus?

They aren’t rekting level 50s on the daily. I don’t see the issue.


My base is offended!!!Apologise to it!


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The procedure is special doesn’t mean that it’s hard to do.
The normal procedure is breeding normally (using normal egg token).

The procedure includes

  • Playing using Android, and get purple egg.
  • Invite others.
  • Breed using certain egg fragments.
  • Using certain divine dragon as parents.
  • Getting the egg through seasonal branch.

anything else?


Honestly think this is a noob trolling.


@moderators just read the responses… it’s almost obvious this dude is just trolling… are we allowed to close down worthless time wasting forums or is this allowed lol . I’m actually curious.


It also only cost 250-400 sigils to get somnus :rofl: only at red tier, and you’re going to take that datapoint, and generalize it across all Divines of all tiers as too easy to get :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Excuse me while I don’t take you seriously.


Hahahahah​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:dead. Lmao


He seems very angry at the poor level 10’s… :flushed: I wonder what they did…


Last Summerflare, my Axi got killed by a lv 40 base, 1 defender (I’m over 100+ at the time). Am I allowed to angry too? :eyes:


Try to get (name removed) then. He will be released at the 2nd wave.


:thinking:no u should be ashamed of ur dragon and slap it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: