Divine dragons are too easy to get


If red tier somnus is your biggest issue…oh boy :roll_eyes:


Incorrect on both counts

Only festive dragons start at red


There isn’t many of them.

And I’ve no clue why Divines should be limited to higher levels. I assume you are trolling.


I wish that’s all I had to worry about. He best look out for the big leagues lmao. He gonna be worrying about lots more :joy:


This thread was a train wreck in the making after the first post.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: “after”? I would argue the first post derailed the train, not any of the posts that came after it :rofl:


At least I know one base where I can train my (name removed) once I get.


I honestly cried inside reading this… he suggested harder to get divines, less events , and less Chest drops… because a lvl 10 had a red tier somnus… :joy:


@ModMat a troll on the loose :scream:


Hotdog quit playing, it’ll save future you stress


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I got the mythic last season without spending anything beyond elite. It is possible if you plan ahead and work hard. I don’t agree with PG increasing the prices any more than they already have.

We’re already having to work hard to get a bunch of pretty pixels. They really shouldn’t keep pushing the limit with each tier they release. If the seasonal costs get too high they’re going to push people into walking away from the game.


Agreed, but I’m getting at something else.

I certainly don’t think prices should be increased on anything.

I’m just tired of seeing everybody having the same dragons.

I get excited when I see people attack me with older dragons (like Fae).

I know…I’m a dork…but it’s just lame seeing everybody fly the same roster :man_shrugging:


Cmon this has to be a troll post. I’m sure most low levels are thrilled that they have overpowered divines compared to the weak lineage dragons that they have to grind out.


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Ahh you have no idea what I’ve been through as far as this game goes lol…


Get out of here you troll
Calling people out and it gets flagged
Some times truth hurts


@OrcaFrost trying to drop hints on next dragons names :rofl:


I think that has more to do with stronger dragons always being better vs the type of dragon or spel set with a few notable exceptions.

And that is broken. And I do think spending should have limited progress possibilities within a period of time.

But both of those things are how they are because they sell more


a red tier, no matter devine or not, isnt able to beat a right build base level 45. You should thank these level 10 who beat your base, they are trying to tell you that you are doing it wrong