Divine dragons are too easy to get


Um no. I don’t think so. Let’s shut that down real quick, thank you.


you cant hatch divine if you level 10. It required level 28 to hatch divine dragon if im not mistaking.


Festive starts at red, so you should be able to hatch it right away (and Somnus is one of them)


You forgot Nydryr


Wasn’t there Nydryr too? :smirk:

Anyway I agree that this thread was quite entertaining to read, I had fun reading the comments, but I completely disagree with the OP.

“Divine” Dragons are limited edition Dragons, you get them when they’re available and you’ll only get that chance to collect them. They usually have stronger or rare spellsets sometimes in relation to the endgame tier when they are released, which makes them highly desirable for anyone, especially if you’re years behind endgame tier.

Game is too easy for low level players? Tell me which game isn’t easy at the beginning. It grows harder as you level up. War Dragons takes weeks if not months to understand its basic features and even after two years I’m still learning!

Having festive Dragons available for low levels is really neat, it makes it a lot more fun for them and teach them to work towards a goal in Seasons and events. Otherwise you’d have new players disappointed that they can’t use any Orange Divine Dragon because they can’t hatch it yet.

About the diversity, I love seeing all those different Dragons artworks and I have never enough, so no, I don’t want less than what we get, on the contrary I want MOAR! :exploding_head:

Less events? :joy::joy::joy: Lower drop rate?!?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: That’s a good one, you’re so funny! “I’m upset because lower levels are getting the same free stuff than I.” That’s not serious at all!


Unacceptable :triumph:
Start a new game with Android, get purple egg, and you’ll get your Dios, which is a divine.


:grin: I got him. I don’t know his history, but isn’t he a reminder of the time when the game became available for Android? So maybe it’s a “thank you for coping with all the bugs that cripple Android more than iOS and please accept Dioskouri to make up for the fact that you don’t have a cute Dragon on a perch next to your main island” kind of Divine? :joy:


Op, two words to you.
that’s all.
Thanks :wink:


Place bets here:
If OP somehow mananges to make it to Obsiodion+ tier they’ll want to nerf Hau.


I think OP is PG employee.


Are we all going to ignore the elephant in the room? WTF is “Divinic”?


C’mon, guys. OP is obviously a troll. lol


I agree, OP. Calling their dragons “divine” will cause those buttheads to be scoured out by Nemesis for hubris before the gods. The “divine” designation should be reserved for literal deities, ideally only the twelve Olympians but I guess we can also include little bitches like Aurora (whose main power is having rosy fingers? wtf?).



I agree it’s been bugging me too, but I didn’t want to hammer it :sweat_smile:
We should remember that not everyone here has English as first language (myself included) and there are younger minds here who still have to mature their writing skills and knowledge :wink:

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@Snowbrent Why are Fred’s eyebrows dark?!?
:thinking: Just another mystery :joy:


what for? the absolute most of the divine dragons are trash. and PG designers know that. i tell you more - divines are being devaluated every puking 3 months. where is Corth today? Or Neptus? Pathox is gong to hell as well in January. so, those dragons are not so divine to make them harder to get. rise the cost and ppl wont take them at all.


You have no idea what your talking about
Divine dragons are hard to obtain, I rarely get to complete one with all stones.


Thats the funniest meme ever :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Neptus is still completely relevant


Obvious troll is obvious