Divine dragons are too easy to get


I read “relevant” as “irrelevant” and was all: what the heck are you talking about?! Then I went back and read what you wrote a second time :joy:


In which segment? Havent seen it on my 318lvl poor base for ages.
I dont need mythic for flying trash and low bases. Discountered legendaries are well enough for that.


Neptus is very effective against anything up to a tier above in my experience. If he is decently geared he shouldn’t struggle too much and, in certain circumstances, he can hit higher than a similarly geared pathox due to his one shot spell.

Yeah sure he can’t take on maxed bases due to raw stats but for tiers he has stones for he is absolutely viable


Yes! I couldn’t agree more! We’ve had it too easy!

While we’re at it, could we also address these long-standing problems:

  • Way too many timers. Require us to let some builds finish in real time, players should learn to be more patient.
  • I am drowning in egg tokens. Why was there only a sapphire wall? More walls please!
  • Embers? Who needs this many damn embers? Add a few more resource types to the game to give us a bit of variety.
  • Warriors are massively OP.
  • Events are too much fun, to the point that I sometimes have to put the game down. Could you come up with one that’s a little more repetitive?
  • My massive amounts of cash don’t seem to offer me any kind of competitive edge. Two words: Ultra Coin. You’re welcome.


If PG quotes you on this and follows through…fair warning, don’t ever go out without sunglasses on.


The one time they listen to their players… :man_facepalming:


I’m getting my axe so if PG quoted you on what you posted, hope you don’t get a visit from Jason Voorhees


Sounds like someone isn’t up for new ‘challenges’?


I have a fantastic idea to solve this “problem” once and for all:

Keep everything as its is now, with the exception of the egg: move it to the place of the last evolution stone!

This structure ensures that everyone, who has a divine dragon, also has all the evolution stones available and that they didn’t get it too easily…



Then what’s the point of the branch if you get all the stones but not the dragon? Then you’ll be stuck with a handful of useless evolution stones for a dragon you don’t have. TBH, it should stay the way it is with one exception: either PG lowers the branch price down to normal or they buff the branch rewards


And then we can endlessly ask on the forums for PG to bring back old eggs so that we can use all those evolution stones we collected!


Did you not notice the :wink:?

My idea is just as serious as this whole thread


Why so serious?


Turns out, I have a problem where I can’t understand humor or some jokes sometimes. I better go see a doctor


Wasn’t aware you could be in Orange tier at level 10.

You do, in fact, have to be in Orange tier to hatch a divine dragon. Not red.

I think you’re just dumb.


Actually festive dragons start at red


I don’t get it April 1st is a long ways away.


I have never seen a level 10 with a Devine dragon this game has sadly became a game of Devines now and it’s all to do with spending the game will die if it’s not changed if a lower level has it you can bet your bottom dollar they don’t have any stones for it and if they do then your telling lies about them not spending on the game cos it’s imposable to get at that level with stones with out spending PG dose not need any more excuses to try and make players spend more. It’s what is killing the game they are just treating it as a cash cow till it’s dead as it is


I got pathox without spending. It’s called saving, and patience.

Edit: I might have misunderstood your post sorry


Festive dragons start at Red, so anyone can use them.

They never said the mythic. Even so, that’s a false statement.