Divine dragons are too easy to get


Sure do miss when you could close threads red :joy:


Maybe, just maybe, you should check something before you reply, just a suggestion of course.


well then…I’ll go be on my way…


I started an account a year ago and haven’t leveled it up past level 6…SOMEHOW through grinding and a good team, I’ve managed to get past the gold tier evolution stone, Gee I wonder how that is possible…


Sorry, but that’s bollocks. When I started last September, I had no clue about the game.
Spent a lot of time on forums, twitch, listening to Red’s lovely voice, and only paid for elite after my first 3 weeks.

With elite only, I managed to get Necryx (platinum) Grogg halfway through, Anuba (green).

And I was in gold 2 till last Christmas, just saying…


The level 10 was using Somnus, but…did I mention my alt’s red Axi is just stupid weak?

It doesn’t break the game at all, not even for the poor level 11s terrorized by this conquering beast :woman_shrugging:


He points out the one part of your post that isn’t pure bs and you jump on him for it :rofl:


Not my problem if he doesn’t know how to read, no offense


What I meant was that you should probably rebutt the legit arguments with the same amount of vehemence :woman_shrugging:

One dude makes a tiny mistake and you harp on him for it, even though your entire post is a gigantic mistake? :joy:


Now how in the world is this offensive?


I never learned to read. I was kept in a dimly lit room in solitude for most of my childhood. Forced to listen to long, droning lines from Macbeth over and over. Scrutinizing over every minute detail. As such, I also never learned to properly interact with other people. Also never learned to tie shoes, and it’s slowly become the bane of my existence over time. Damnable laces.

I’m sorry if your level 6 account is being used as toilet paper by level 10s with their mighty red divines. Maybe try being level 7? I hear 7 is a scary number. Maybe even 8? 9 might be pushing it.


Lol ok


So you have seen level 10 with Devine that has its stones to level it up?. at level 10 you can’t make enough head way in events to get enough sigils.ive played this game for nearly 2 years and have been on teams with players dropping 1k a week and others that play as f2p guess who gets anywhere. so don’t make me laugh everyone can see and knows how it has been designed. you take every opportunity to slate anyone that points out the games floors and company’s greed I’ll not respond to any more of these messages. Because I’m not going to argue over it and when that doesn’t work you will start on grammar and punctuation so enjoy


I’m starting to think it might be similar to the “devine” thing I keep seeing a lot around here.


I’m guessing you’re right :joy:
(“devine” = “guess” in French)


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Then level the base up? Who gives a shit if a level 10 with a festive divine beats your base, clearly you dont care enough to level it up :man_facepalming:. For reference, it takes a few weeks to get it to level 50 if you actually try. Seriously, no one cares about that low of a level. It’s just not relevant in any way. Sorry if that’s offensive, but it’s the truth.


Someone ate too many hot dogs I think.


This is hilarious. So basically you don’t the play the game. Why are you even talking? Come back when you actually know what’s going on and figure out the basic mechanics of the game.


I don’t agree. I work so hard to earn one dragon. Sigils is very rare in the chests
Even at Lv 10 . It’s hard for them to get lot of points on Event. Beside when they get divine eggs, they couldn’t incubate the eggs until the the incubator upgrade to the right level