Divine dragons graveyard

What i do with 15 old divine crippled dragons which became useless?
Any way to recover this huge investment?


Or you can just forget them :woman_shrugging:

It would be nice if we could get access to their stones once more, kinda like how we got another chance to breed the vamp version of dodo. Sadly though that won’t happen. Just perch them or forget about them I agree with. Maybe in a future season they could include a branch that has previous seasons evolution stones for just crazy amounts of sigles?:woman_shrugging:

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I miss nightshade :frowning:

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me too :frowning: (10 characters)



How about 10 million rubies for each evolve stone?

Why should people have access to stones from previous seasons when they were only supposed to be available for the season? There are plenty of people that either worked hard or spent money to get those stones. For those that failed to get the stones, think of it as a lesson to get the stones on current or future dragons.

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Yeah… Or start playing the game before you even know it exists. C’mon people. You started the game a week before the first fall season, and you didn’t finish the dragons? You lack the discipline!

(Yes, that was sarcasm).

It won’t happen. PG has said this many times. Just the way it’s going to be. :man_shrugging:

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I’d be happy with being able to remove runes from useless dragons…I could care less about the investment. You know going into the game any dragon you invest in will be obsolete eventually

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This is my main outlook in the game, I’d rather get every dragon than focus on one branch, because they’re more useful for their spells instead of their levels. Take Necryx for example, he’s one of 2 dragons to have elemental barrier, combine that with his desiccating sand spell, and short bases full of high level elemental towers become laughably easy. His usefullness isn’t in how high his level is, it’s in how I use his spells. Even if he stays at level 12 forever, he’ll still be a good starting dragon for many bases.

Rather than evolving stone for existed divine, I’d prefer new divine dragon using some good spells from the old one (perhaps one with ice shock, elemental barrier, or something else).

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