Divine dragons max level needs to increase

I feel like divine dragons are becoming little unbalanced for their base vs dragon level , when obisidian divines like leos , avyx released , their max level 60 , but currently we are in empyrean tier , dragons already skipping den levels to shrink all the level up / evolution stages in to level 60 , so I feel dragons attack power increase not linear any more compared to their base and den level , so I think it would be nice if future season dragons comes with level 70 or more .
It’s just my thought ,

Thank you


I actually agree with this.

I think that fitting more tiers into the same leveling is starting to lead to a more staggered or disjointed level up feeling. You gain a massive buff when you level your dragon, then you don’t level it for another 2 months while you try to gain 3 or so den levels. This leads to points where a dragon may be quite powerful, and other times when they may lag behind a bit. While it’s not the end of the world, it’s getting to the point now when you have 2 levels per effective tier (and by tier i mean effective stages, where you breed 1 and 2 dragons of said tier respectively). That gives 4 levels per actual tier down low (til obsidian), which is on the tight side.

I understand why they are doing this, however I don’t think it may be the best way to do things. Giving +40% to +200% power per level is just silly.


I compared the data with lineage dragons , for their max level with their respective tier dragons , the ap same , but in between they are not , do you think it will be nice if the divine dragon can level per den level increase? , so the ap power increase gradually ( linear curve ) and also can match with lineage dragons .

And also I would like to know can we tag some pg staffs here to get their attention?

Thank you

I do think that a more gradual curve would be nice, especially in certain areas. I honestly don’t mind dragons going up to L100 or whatever. I think they shrunk it to help folks level up faster (since they backloaded these seasonals quite heavily when they were first introduced). But same effect could have been to lower the food and XP cost as you added levels.

@PGRocket is the one we would want to talk to about this.


Absolutely for this.

true , thanks , hopefully PG see this post and will do some changes in next season dragons


I’m on board with this. It would also force us to use more food to level dragons since we have more levels which should sort of help with making food a reasonably valuable/scarce resource now that feeding has been eliminated.

I’m on board. Spell scaling highlighted the disadvantages of the massive stair step increases that PG used. Lets be clear though. No retrofitting required or desired. I think for new dragons and tiers only. There is plenty of empty den levels in there now.

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Agreed :smiley:


Also, if possible, make it so that Festive have 3 - 5 more level than regular seasonal legendaries, so that all stats from orange tier (lv 1 regular seasonal legendaries) are the same.
e.g. If Lv 4 festive has the same stats as Lv 1 regulars, then the Festive has 3 lv (max level) higher than the regulars.


I also want future festives to have the same fast healing time as Lord Ember or a level 1 Nydryr if they are kept at lvl 1 :upside_down_face:

That way if someone picks them up for collection’s sake, they can potentially use them during team quests thanks to the fast healing time :slight_smile:

Edit: I mean, if you’re going to go back in and add additional levels to the festive, wouldn’t it make more sense for a baby festive to have a faster healing time? Or does the level one red tier festive have legendary status which would preclude it from the possibility of having a healing time closer to that of Frigg and Draco rather than something that might be closer to Kinnara?


PG definitely did a terrible job of spreading those levels out. Some den upgrades allow you to level divines twice, while plenty of others dont level your divines at all. Even without increasing the max level of divines, they could even out the leveling quite a bit. But I do agree that max level should be increased. Why not have one level per den upgrade between hatching and expert? It wouldnt affect the end game players much, and it would help everyone else out.

Yeah I never understood why they had to cap the level at 60. Surely just adding more levels per tier release is easier to manage. That way you know every level X dragon is similar in power.

Who knows what PG is thinking anyways :man_shrugging:

maybe it was there to keep people from rocking the feeding event! but that’s no longer a problem. :smiley:

e: not that it would have kept people from maxing feeding… but who knows how people think?

Happy to see all comments are positive, so it’s proves PG should work on this :smile:

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