Divine Fireball. Sometimes a dud?


Sometimes, when I’m using Vulcan (I know, that it’s not as good as Kelvin, but I still need to get him breedable), the damage of the fireball is just about half of its expected amount. I’m not sure if it’s because out of bound (firing too fast), since it happens usually in the rear part of middle long island (CaptSnakeGuyxp).

I doubt if it’s a hack since the base is in XpFarmsLoosex1.
Anyone know the cause?


This glitch happens with the regular Fireball (I’ve experienced it doing very inconsistent damage) and I don’t think anyone knows its cause. There’s already a topic on it here somewhere. :t_rex:


Jul and whoever throws that fireball thing always have random stuff happen depending on the angle you throw it at. Sometimes it oneshot sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it does half the damage. It’s been bugged for a long time now


Sometimes if I shoot it too far in the distance in that middle long island and it does nothing :neutral_face: sucks. :t_rex:


You’re not throwing it in the ocean are you? There seems to be a hole in the hitbox for the end of mid long or something. That’s a different issue


Dead center of center tower.
Moreover, if I hit the wrong hitbox, won’t the damage be 0?


No, not in the ocean. I’ll be at the start of the middle long and shoot it at the back segment. Not over the water but it won’t do anything. The shot just fades. :t_rex:


That was a reply to hellraptor lol. Forums ate the reply tag :woman_shrugging:t2:
There’s a few things you can do to avoid spells fizzling but it won’t prevent it entirely. Casting too early when turning a corner and casting while normal fire is still airborne can cause low/no damage bug. Certain spells also seem to have weird range issues where you can’t cast them too far ahead or they’ll do nothing or do no damage but other effects apply. I don’t encounter that one much as I don’t use sorcs

The hitbox hole in the back of mid long causes spells to pass through the island and hit the water lol. You can tell if that’s happening by watching for where the red aoe range circle appears


Happens a LOT to me with Jul on invaders. Made me actually hate Jul right now :sweat_smile:
Happens even when i shoot right in front of me sometimes, even when i dont fire while turning a corner or hitting the back of the long island. Severely frustrating cause it happens nearly every invader run with Jul.


Anytime i thrown fireballs into the ocean in real life the water always puts them out :man_shrugging:. Probably same in game as well.


The glitch is that it still has the same radius of a fireball but it only does the damage of your primary fire, this explains why there is sometimes 0 damage because if your primary fire can’t reach the area where the fireball is trying to hit then the “dud” fireball does nothing.

I hope this gets fixed soon as it would make Vulcan and others much more usable especially on Invader bases.


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