Divine Fragments

Does anyone know how to get divine fragments?

You have to be more specific.

Short answer - you don’t.

Every once in a while they’ll make some chests (they put in place of silver chests for an event) with old divine fragments. I only remember it happening once (but have since been told it’s been twice) - I don’t think it went over very well.

Only divine frags I’ve ever gotten was Phweemps and got those from inviting players and after they reached a certain level.

They did it twice. August and September 2016.

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It’s story time!

Once upon a time, pretty much… June 2016 and before, the way you got Divines was by earning their fragments in events.

Divines would be available for 1 month and there would be three of them. There would be a blue tier Divine that would be relatively easy to complete. Getting about half the prizes each event and having your team finish decent would mean you could probably get him. The second Divine would be harder. You’d have to pretty much max most events and your team would have to do great in events in order to get the second Divine. He would be green tier.

You would Breed the two together with tokens to get the final Divine, most of which were gold tier. There were a couple platinum ones once platinum was released.

You could also towards the end of this system earn the fragments in chests, but not that many and it sure took some work.

Anyways, hope this helps!


One thing i was mad about when the devine shards were put in chests was that when i got a fragon of dimachaerus (example but true) i could/can see the egg in the incubator but i dont have the option to use mystic fragments on it. I find this strange

Thanks for all your input. The story is that I won a platinum egg in a recent event which I didn’t even know until I looked in my incubator and found it. It says it needs 20 divine fragments to incubate it.

So I busted my dragons butts and place 37th I think I’m the last event and got nothing. So now I’m as a loss as to what to do with it.

It looks like you had a referral reach L20 (gear icon > earn rewards), which gave you your first fragment towards Phweemp. The text below it is misleading. As for receiving it during an event, maybe you’re thinking of evolution stones? Phweemp egg fragments don’t come from events, though. Fragments for divines haven’t been used after the move to the new seasonal structure in Fall 2016.

That’s phweeps egg. You have a friend who reached level 20. It’s your reward for inviting a friend to play

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I really like your 937 mystic frags! Wish we could send those!

Ok that makes sense. I didn’t really pay attention to the invite rewards and didn’t recall seeing it in the event rewards. Does that mean I need to have more invites reach lvl 20 to get more fragments? You’re right forscience, the text is misleading. I wonder why they’re still have it as a reward if they’re not using divine fragments anymore.

Thank you all for the help!

I’ve been saving my mystic frags since I started playing in the fall. I’m so excited for tomorrow’s event to start. I’m just starting on platinum eggs :grin::grin:

then dont waste mystic on Platinum then. It’s not a good trade off. Save them for sapphire+ tier which will require a lot more tokens to breed

Which path do you recommend? I think I’ve finally figured them out but don’t know which is best. I do need a legendary plat soon so I can evolve my dragons

This one will probably suit your needs.

Or if you have enough of the platinum legendaries, you can use one of her paths found here:

Thank you!!

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