Divine Lead dragons you’ll never get

In my opinion, Necryx is the best lead dragon in the game and all new players will never get him.

All the old players have all these arguments against new players getting old divines any way at all but seriously…

Missing out on one of the best if not the best lead dragons in the entire game once he has all his spells, not even max lvl, is a serious downside to this game. I’d give up all of the divines of this season with harb stones if I had them to get necryx only to his sapphire stone (except maybe axi who isn’t really as much a lead and is just a good dragon)

PG could even further make money off of the game encouraging people to get the mythic of the season offering something like each breedable mythic dragon being able to breed with a divine mythic once to get one evolution stone of its tier that could be used on any of the seasonal dragons that you missed so you could incubate them at that tier.

There are 3 mythics per tier from sapphire on so you could get 3 old divines that you missed, excluding mythic divines to their respective Max tier of their respective season. If necryx could only reach sapphire, he’d be worth it to me.

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I read the first line and stopped.

Hauheset is the best lead dragon in game and every player is able to get it.

I’ll try to read the rest of the post now.

Edit after reading the post: No, do not bring the old divines back… I’m sure @TheRedDelilah will come and COPYPASTA her line on threads like these.

Sorry bud, you will get a better lead dragon in Sapphire tier, and since you are so livid about not being able to have a good lead you’ll be able to channel that rage into practicing with Hauheset, the best dragon in the game.


Welcome to the froums! We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.

Next time, please make use of the “search” feature on the top right hand corner of the page to see if your question/suggestion has already been answered or addressed!

That being said - Hau is the best lead in the game, and only Fomhar rivals her. So. Focus on the new and look to the future.


But necryx should be a breedable Add-on like ember :sob:


(ten characters)


By what logic should he be breedable?

Hau and Noctua are both better leads. Fomhar is probably more useful in the current game. (Has a steroid skill, therefore finishes bases faster, which is relevant for Atlas. Also is just relevant for not dying, especially versus gear-buffed buildings.)

No, I don’t think they would.

There’s a concept of “exploding offers” or high pressure sales techniques in which an offer is available for sale for a limited duration, thereby forcing the recipient of the offer to regard it as a one-time opportunity. It tends to increase acceptance of offers even in highly savvy demographics, because forcing consideration in the present drives up not only the psychological appeal of the offer but cognitively limits consideration of options that the information that the recipient has to work with.

It’s pretty reasonable to think that spending on seasonal divines would drop if people knew they could just pick them up later.


I love him :sob::heart::heart: Just like I love ember

They could pick up NON mythic later at the cost of being forced to get MYTHIC dragons

You’ll learn to love another dragon. It is ok, it will be ok. Once you get Hau, you will find your love forever and will never need to look for another.

BIG DISCLAIMER - You will only love Hau if you put time into learning how to fly it, if you don’t it will be worse then Drago. (Not really but, damn near).


I hope so :sob:

I got Necryx, but got none of his stones. Instead, I got Chimerak up to Platinum.
Do I regret that? Yes… and no. It was a learning experience for me, and at the time I hated hunters. Now I know better and I’ll do better. One dragon isn’t going to make or break your gameplay experience.
New dragons will always be available. Necryx is indeed a great dragon, but there’s already great dragons that do well as leads—Fomhar for example, and of course Hauheset.
Every mistake is a learning experience. Again, one dragon isn’t going to make or break your gameplay experience. :t_rex:


New players may have missed nec but they got a better chance to learn to build a stronger base at low lvl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: win win situation

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Haha, you are right for the most part :rofl: except pay to plays get maxxed bases plus every dragon :sob:

Yep. That’s what they get for spending money, and there’s really no way to change that without (most likely) pissing a lot of people off, ‘cause that tends to happen with any sort of change with this game nowadays—especially ones involving money. :t_rex:

Creepypasta :crazy_face::clown_face::ghost:

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Noooo, not those silly things :roll_eyes: :t_rex:

Since I bred hau, I used necryx once or twice a week. Hau is better as a lead by far if put in a lot of effort and time to practice. Necryx’s biggest weakness is ice flaks. He cannot avoid ice flak supershots that cannot be blinked (e.g. front mage on island 6 and ice flak) and level 65 flaks will one shot necryx.


If this makes you feel better:

I used to only use Nec. I could fly him with my eyes closed. I could dodge rage drains, double/triple sand, get through kill isles, set up 300s etc etc.

Then I got Hau.

Then I got Fom.

Now Nec does Atlas quests for me.

Cheerio :joy:


Bahaha. Just goes to show how times change and dragons slowly fade (though there are exceptiona if course). I used to LOVE my Chimerak and fly him almost exclusively… now he’s just too weak to do anything but back easy war runs. I’ll miss you, Chimerak, with your cool-looking speedy lightning flames :cry: :t_rex: