Divine season dragons


got it thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I don’t know if a PG employee will read this post but I’m sure they have read one of the many other posts on the same topic.


So you want to buy coca cola share for their issuing price because you weren’t around to buy them when they were issued?




Can we end this now pls?


Please read this post and use search button.



You don’t need to be a douche to answer a question not ment for you, and not I was happy to pay 25k sigil current rate for any old dragons.


Thanks I appreciate your answer.


You are asking questions on a public forum and as such as inviting replies.

Please be mindful of your replies please. I would suggest you edit the post above.


It should go the same way for both parties. Posts should be constructive.


I understand that, however the reply was a personal attack on the player where as flagging the post would have been better.