Divine/Seasonal Dragons and Evolution Stone Tracking

Issue: Once you obtain a divine/seasonal dragon you see stars representing all the levels for the dragon to evolve. Once you obtain the stones you have no indication of how many were obtained.

Suggestion: Turn the star the color of the stone that was obtained. This way you know how many stones were obtained for each divine/seasonal dragon.

Benefit: This would aid in the training efforts for each divine/seasonal dragon.


Might want to change the thread title, first impressions seems like another of those dreaded universal stones threads.


This has been brought up previously and we agree that a more visible way to see the stones would be great


It’s a minor issue, but still a good idea.

I totally thought this was gonna be another “we need harbinger stones for sage” or some other junk thread.

Unless you’re getting all the dragons every season but not finishing them, I don’t see this as much of an issue, but then I only get 1-2 a season and I max one out at least.

Its a simple code add. Since they already change the star color once the evolution stone is used.

They used to show you what stones you had obtained, I remember this from when I first started. At some point, they changed it to the stars and we lost this ability. Why? I’m not sure :man_shrugging: @pgjared not sure if this Is your area or not but could this feature be implemented?

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i totally agreed with your the suggestion and hope PG can come out with the solution.Thanks you.

I don’t remember them ever showing what stones we had but did not use yet. Because I remember banking xp on EBON the :poop: dragon my first season only to find out I didn’t have all his stones.once I uncapped my den

I’ve thought about this many times.
Long ago it would frustrate me because I had no idea until they just ran out.

But now if get all stones don’t really have to worry about that lol

But yes early on it sucks!

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