Divine Talk (old, General)

Can chimerak be brought back he was so good

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Season dragons won’t come back, they’re time limited offers. If you missed them, you missed them.


Lol I wish he was such a good dragon

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He’s okay :man_shrugging: I wish I got Necryx instead. :t_rex:


I wish I hadn’t gotten anuba


Was Necryx from the same season as Chimerak? :thinking:

Seasons are starting to blur together for me :joy:


Yep lol :+1: :t_rex:

Yes. Wish I had gotten Necryx, but was my first season. wasted everything on Spindra. LOL

No he wasn’t

I got Necryx but got so pissed off at the game constantly force closing that I quit after I got his plat stone. Came back 6 mos later and used him almost exclusively. I was at a complete loss of what I was gonna do once I hit sapphire, but then last season we were blessed with Fomhar.

In saph now, Necryx who?? :grin:


Spindra isn’t a waste. Literally one of the best finishers in the game if the right conditions are met.


I wish I had him he’s really strong

But I really don’t need him considering I have almost 10 divines

I’m 1000% sure that he was.


Lol my memory really is bad sometimes he was you’re right


If you only know how to fly warriors, he is a good dragon.

If you learned how to fly a hunter to set up a base for someone to sweep up, he is not a good dragon.

My roster is 6 hunters and chimmy. Wish I had gotten necryx instead. Oh well.

Totally true :point_up_2: one of the few well designed dragons that require skill to pilot

Chimera and Necryx were in the same season together with Spindra. Beginner’s mistake, I ran after both. Now I’d rather be up Necryx at least up to the garnet.

I’m a very strategic person I’m good at flying all types of dragons it just that when I first got divine dragons I was a low level just like the rest once us when we are first able to get a divine. Lower level players take more time and effort to do good in events. Now that I’m almost to level 50 I’m doing better. The point of this is that the season tokens can get pretty hard to get when you are a lower level player and sometimes the divine dragons are not as strong as you want them to be when they are not evolved. So that being said anuba was a “weak” drag because of this.

I went for Spindra, Chimerak, AND Necryx… never even got Nec’s green stone. Spindra I think I got to green, and Chim I got to platinum. I just really liked all of their designs I guess :joy: :t_rex: