Dmetron's magic

Does Dmetron’s magic affect Krygant who has no elemental resistances?

The spell? Yes.
Think of it as equipped spell which is provided by the rider than bought with rubies / forged.
Must be equipped first though.

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A little while ago Martina (war dragons assistance) had told me that the spells of the raiders and the runes / glyphs that enhance the elementary resistances with have effect if the dragon concerned does not have them as basic characteristics. This is the reason for my doubts

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It is basically an extra Equiped spell, same as adding a resist as extra spell. It should work

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The spell when equipped gives the dragon that spell. Boosts from riders, research and runes only enhance what is already there. The difference between a bald person putting on a wig they dyed pink vs rubbing pink hair dye into their scalp.
Dmetron’s spell however would not work with boosts for dark flak resist since he doesn’t give the spell “dark flak resist”

Astrid in Ap mode on Krygant for the win :disguised_face:
Must to have rider if you picked Krygant.

Personally I prefer Xandra for the rage. Gotta maintain the cloak while stacking. Dmetron is also an ok option if you go attack and rage. He’s basically the same as Astrid but with slightly more rage, slightly less attack and hp

I dont feel like he needs more rage. Stack is limited and so is his death gaze. So i want as many ap possible.

There’s no limit on his stack. I prefer rage, especially if using his exotics and legendary rune.


Well have fun using his legendary then. Im sure u claimed this dragon sucks and his runes/glyphs need change :thinking:
His exotics are more likely useless, it wont make a change if have them.

Umm no, I didn’t. I’ve literally been saying since he was previewed that Im worried he’ll get nerfed.
I would like having the option of a different secondary on his runes instead of HP because he’s not an HP based warrior.
Also chill out, different people use different builds, that’s not something to start getting you panties in a bunch over. As I said, I prefer boosting his rage, if you like boosting his attack then good for you but that doesnt make your way the only correct way.

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