Do any alliances advertise openly?

Do any alliances present anywhere a public statement of their member teams, relation to other alliances, philosophy, rules? Or is it such an absolute necessity to keep that all in secret? I can understand that the smaller ones that kind of wiggle between the raindrops may want to fly under the big guys’ radars, but what about the strongest ones? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to stand tall and proud?

And regardless of any such statements from the alliances themselves, does anyone try to keep a public snapshot of at least some notable factions? The community is so resourceful about other topics, but aside from some dated newsletters, I cannot find any attempt at this.

No but their passage does :innocent:


Yeah that is not 100% reliable, but if some API wizard could create a pretty graph based on 5TAs and passages, that would sure be fun to browse sometimes!

People like to grab to as miniscule “power” or exclusive “knowledge” they have , it makes them feel important.
Yes there are people who have this info but you would have to gather it as a jigsaw puzzle.

They have lists lmao. They just don’t give them to normies.

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