Do base bonuses only apply if you have your “home” set there?

Im wondering if the bonuses from infrastructure are active for me no matter where I set home? Ive been trying to check, and as far as i can tell, all the bonuses are working regardless of if i have a 402% wind shard bonus or a 406% dark shard bonus. Which makes me wonder why you don’t just have an option to lock in where to send your taxes, or maybe the leader decides where. Then you can change it from saying “Home”, which is confusing to some people, and make it say “Disembark” or “Land” or something, because aside denoting where your taxes go, the “Home” button is really used to tell your primarch where to go and to tell fresh troops where they’re needed. Or maybe im wrong about all team bonuses applying to you no matter where you hang your helmet, and this whole post can be deleted. :joy:

I may not be the best person to answer, but I believe most if not all buffs apply to the continent they are on only. For example, you hit a poacher inside of the same continent as the infrastructure.

Hhmm so if my team has 1 zone with 2 castles and 2 poachers, to get the most out of the crafting shard bonus + multis, i’d hit the 2 poachers and wait until my team kills the poachers and then do it all over again 9 more times? Or, What if my team has 10 zones? As i move from zone to zone killing poachers, i have to re-set my home in each zone i enter to recieve the gold or crafting bonus for that zone? Effectively scattering taxes across the country. Lol

Buffs are cumulative across territories (e.g. check mine XP), but the poacher crafting shard base values are impacted by the quality of land (one chevron through star).

Right. A zone 1 poacher x 30xmulti x base bonus = bad
Zone5 poacher x 30xmulti x base bonus = good
But if my team has a zone 1 territory next door to a zone 5, when i hit the neighbors poachers, the bonus from my land gets applied to the zone 5 poacher, right? And what if i have my “home” set somewhere completely different?

From what I’ve seen, Home only matters for taxes and where troops go, but other people more experienced with Atlas might be able to answer :see_no_evil:

So, as long as your neighbor with better quality land is okay with it (and hit there first for the highest multis), go for it :smiling_imp:


Was that the original intent? I had read things that seemed to suggest they did not.

I can’t imagine it should matter where your home is set either then.

Hmm. All this time I thought it taxes based on what region you farmed in.

Is there anything stopping someone from setting home to a safe zone, farming, and returning home to where it was? Or does the gold bonus go away when your home isn’t in your region?

Yes, you can pull off tax evasion and retain all bonuses. Taxes do show in the ledgers, though.


Exactly my question. There are some different zone 5 poachers accessible to me, but its a pain to “warp” somewhere to hit the poachers and have to set home back where you started to make sure the taxes go to the right place. If indeed the bonus is omnipresent, the changes i suggested would simplify things greatly. A Send-Taxes-Here-Until-I-Say-So button, and change “home” to “send” or something that more cearly only means “place primarch/troops here”

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Why are you changing home anyway? Are you using it as a checkpoint in case your primarch gets killed along the way?

Ive recently moved to a new team and they’re saying to make sure my home is set as the big main base so that ill get all the bonuses from it. I assume the main reason is really so taxes are easier to allocate, which is fine, but i’m about to say that it’s incorrect and wanted to be sure.

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Poachers have been changed so that poachers from other lands aren’t affected by your own refinery score. Aka if we have 468% refinery and have a 3 Chevron land and someone has a star land but we don’t have a castle there, our poachers Shards are a way bigger payout still.

This prevents using other people’s poachers during PvP events and locking everything down I think

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Team work. If I find a player doing this they will get the boot. Basically they are saying " fck the team, I’m more important"

So same scenario, but you have 2 lands, one fire one ice. The refinery on fire land only gives its bonus to fire shards, and ice refinery only boosts ice shards, correct? So if im hitting the ice poachers and then i portal to the fire land to hit those poachers, ill get the bonus from those refineries without switching “Home” between the two, or even if my home is set in the neutral zone for some reason?

Home has zero influence on shards payout


Not trying to get away with mischief! Quite the opposite. If i have home set somewhere strange from the night before and then do my first run of the day, ill miss a 70k tax and have to send it myself and its all avoidable if we could lock our tax sending location. Or better yet would be if the leader/officers could adjust incomming taxes to different regions to fit different infrasctructure needs… or maybe im being picky. Having a wonderful time either way. :grimacing:

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My shard output on unowned star land is still higher than on three chevron owned land >.>

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I double checked it as well and as of this moment the refineries DO affect other lands. That being said, I am still positive that when PvP Shields we’re up that their refinery rate dropped to +0%.

Maybe Gox can confirm this or ET?

“Home” just kind of implies that it’s where you live. If it was “Drop” no one would assume it had anything to do with infrastructure. “Send” could work but then it could be linked to taxes, which should just be up to the officers anyway. If you have 4 big lands and a newly acquired little guy, the leader could funnel 90% of taxes to the big ones and 10% to the little guy, or dump 100% into the little guy to catch him up. I know at the beginning, i had trouble convincing some of our non-english players that “Home” is not where YOU live, it’s where this batch of troops and primarchs are heading. No, i assume we the player live in one of the biggest castles or perhaps we’re just gods, watching our children grow from above and at slight angle, helping, shouting commands and throwing $20 value packs down on their pixelated little helmets…and wishing he didnt have to set where his taxes go every time he moved troops somewhere. Lol. Ill stop