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Contest: Holiday Creatives

What would you recommend spending rubies on then?


Thanks for the help. Now I get it.


Her advice is terrible FYI.


Telling people to split their sigils across all the branches isn’t a mathematically efficient. The further along a line you go, the better the payouts are. It also makes people retire their dragons earlier than they’d need to.

Example, Elemental Embers:

  • First: 150 Sigils for 300 Elemental Embers = .5 Sigils per Ember
  • Last: 1000 Sigils for 3750 Elemental Embers = .27 Sigils per Ember - close to half of what the prize claim was for the first

[had a small essay written out, decided to take that out :rofl:]

If people are going to split, it shouldn’t be done with a blanket claim all three, unless people focus on collecting/just having fun at the expense of long-term play/roster diversity, which is up to them; everyone’s playstyle is different and so on. Generally, people would strongly want to consider claiming at least two tiers past their current lineage tier, possibly a third (or more) if they’re particularly diligent/willing to spend when it comes to breeding. After that, consider if a second divine dragon will complement their roster or simply be a shiny left in the dust in the den.

I’d strongly suggest reading the season advice document from Red’s folder; though there may be minor changes that people might make here and there, it’s great advice/different things to consider.


Advice is exceptionally terrible. Are you trying to steer players the wrong way with their “signals”?

Also, as this is marked “entry”, I’m assuming it is an entry into the winter contest thingie. Any chance of moving it into that thread?


Just to let you know im tryong to help and i just happen to get this question. This is what i know and like. If you dont like it leave it alone dont comment and say mean and un aupporting stuff. You xan let me know its not the best way but tell me what is. Dont jist be like: “FYI THIS ADVICE OS TERRIBLE.”


Jonesy reading is fundamental: FYI read the last bit


Well, since you put it in a thread by itself instead of where you were… nevermind. I give up.


Lutrus was posting because he didn’t want people to mistakenly follow your advice. Would you rather have 3 dragons that you can’t use anymore a month from now, or 1 dragon you can use for the next year+? Lutrus and Jonesy are incredibly rude at all times :rofl: but use this as a learning opportunity to improve your seasons :slight_smile:


Me, rude? Never! If one of my teammates followed your advice, one, I’d make fun of them, 2 I’d make more fun of them, and 3, I’d wish them good luck :roll_eyes:


This advice is only okay for players in Green tier and below, but even then, as @forScience said, it’s not a good use of sigils.


I’d say writing is fundamental too. I need a calculator to understand what you wrote.

Jokes apart, I’m totally fine with a few typos and mistakes but you make a typo or similar every 5 words or so. So I’ll return your own advice to you : read your comment till the last bit carefully before posting. That way regardless of others’ opinion your message will have more impact. And if English is not your first language, make a note somewhere in your message so people can be more understanding of your mistakes.

Btw I disagree with your strategy which is hardly efficient to get strong Dragons unless you plan to spend a gigaton of real money ingame or you are a high level who saved rubies for a year and half. This is what you like to do, but in general this is not a good example to follow…

Guys, give the OP some warm welcome and a bit of understanding, they are barely over the 10-min-read-time… :roll_eyes:


This is… terrible advice that not even you should like doing… I can’t even use my spring dragons (that I got as a little newbie) anymore because I tried going for all three because the sigil cost was so low at first. Now I have a bunch of shiny divines in my breeding castle that will never again see the light of day. If you go for one (maybe two) lines, you’ll have a far better time with the game leveling up because you’ll have a dragon you can actually use.


What needed to be said in this thread has been said. Closing to halt any more unnecessary arguments.