Do cannons breach elemental barrier?

Just a quick question I couldn’t find the answer to. Is Elemental Barrier considered a shield that cannon towers can break, or would I need an ice flak to get rid of it?

Cannons are supposed to break every shield, so cannons would pop an elemental barrier. However, Ice Flaks also prevent spells from being cast in the first place so it might work better for you.


Cannons break elemental barrier and elemental bubble. But do not break balahm’s shield.


Thanks guys! As a level 120 I don’t think I need to worry about Balahm too much yet…

I did not know this. Then again, I haven’t really seen that dragon on my base and I probably forgot about reading about his shield on the release notes… I read so much on the forums and it’s kinda hard to retain all that information :joy:

Edit: I re-read the info on Balahm’s shield in the official release notes and it said nothing about being invincible against cannons… If that is the case, that should really be added in there.

but in long term investment, iceflak work far better than cannon. Compare to iceflak supper shot, cannon supper shot has flying time, revertible, easier to dodge, lower damage than its normal shot. The only great thing is if you break the shield by a cannon, you get 3 more supper shots


Agreed, but the amount of embers needed is a problem for me as e2p. Two flaks is pretty much the max I could reasonably do, and I’m leaning towards either electro/dark or electro/fire. Second one is likely better but does mean throwing away a 35 dark flak and straining my ember supply.

My main worry about having two flaks as main damage dealers is elemental barrier, hence my question. Either a cannon or an ice flak, it would be a secondary tower many levels behind the main kill towers, so damage is somewhat less relevant either way.

Are you sure ? I read that all shields can be broken with ice flak super shot similar to cannon. In balham questions thread.

That is true; where did I say different?

About Cannon- you said they do not break Balahm’s Shield.

They currently don’t. Only ice flaks do.

We will have to see what the new update brings.

Got it need to wait and see.

So, the description is “breaks all shields, including invincibility.” obviously, it has to hit to work (so, flash, invert, reverse, mystic winds, etc would all prevent that)… But assuming the cannon SS hits the dragon, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t break whatever shield was engaged… “All shields” includes any shield in the game. And if the intent is that a specific shield is not part of “all shields” this need to be reflected in both the shield description and an update to the cannon Super shot description.


It doesn’t block the “special effect” of the ice flak. So, it also should not block the special effect of the cannon, right?

Ice flaks are nice because they nullify any spell active on the dragon as well as prevent a recast. The only problem for me is having a fire and dark flak and surprise surprise, E2P is out of embers :roll_eyes:


That excludes spells that dodge Flak attacks, those spells also dodge the Ice Flak supershot.

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