Do I need to hatch this plat egg? 😭

I’m breeding Jul and this plat egg gets finished … I didn’t have the egg before.

According to Red’s guide, the breeding should give me 26 extra plat eggs (though I assume it’ll be 25 in my case). Do I have to hatch the plat egg before resuming Jul’s breeding to get the 25 extra plat eggs? I think I read something like that a week or two ago :sob::sob::sob:

Edit: Scrubbed the pic. I was too distraught to think of doing so before. :sob:

  1. That is a lot of tokens. And rubies. Oh my god.
  2. What dragon is it? :thinking:

Edit: I may have misunderstood your question. Yes I think you need to hatch it to get the extra eggs.

I dunno. It didn’t show up on Red’s plan …

Could you test it out for us with your next 1 egg? Aka look in the research hut and then breed this one out fully then look again?

I was going to this event with garnets but I have no place to check because research does not go that high an my hut is at emerald now

Tap on it and see its title. Then match it up in the lineage screen. :t_rex:


For reals Mech! I thought you’d know the answer :sob::sob::sob:

It’s your moment to shine @Sam
Be the hero we need! :sunglasses:

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I don’t really wanna hatch it since I hadn’t figured it in my calcs for timers. Guess I should try what Mech said … but gotta eat first. I feel sad, food makes me feel better. :sob::sob::sob:

Holy fudge bunnies that’s a massive amount of rubies and egg tokens. If you earned that all without spending money, you are clearly a much more dedicated player than me.

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:thinking:. I would like to pass please. :grimacing:

#$&@ that’s a lotta tokens and rubies! Can I get an egg token loan? Please? I’ll behave, for maybe 30 minutes :smiling_imp:

I do think you need to hatch that drag before the eggs count towards research. I know you won’t be able to autobreed your entire dragon cause every time that egg finishes, it will say “Incubate!”.

But, I could be wrong, it has happened before :joy:

Edit: 110k token loan, to be specific :exploding_head:

Bejeebers. Send me some tokens girl! :joy:

No no no you don’t NEED to hatch it for this experiment. Just check out your research hut, take a screenshot of your plat egg count, then go back and click breed again until you get another check mark on that egg then exit to the research hut again

Super simple

Ok. Eating dinner. I’ll give ya’ll an update when I find out. :hamburger:


I am eagerly awaiting the results of this experiment.

Edit: You could say you are doing this… for science :joy:

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-edited due to the result :heart_eyes:-

Here it is … it does count! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3::dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3:


I want to know your egg and ruby count for the sake of previous comments

The plat egg isn’t in the incubator. It’s still in the list to be selected.


Sorry, that kind of stuff I normally keep hidden. It was a mistake on my part. :grimacing: