Do i still have enough points to get to the end?


I got saito and wanted to put him on my prospero, so i was planning on going full attack buff.

i was told prosperos scarlet fever damage is based on his HP… so it would have been the best to go for max HP buff instead. i realized this too late since i already started putting points in towards attack.

question is, do i have enough points remaining to still switch to HP and still get the +1 ammo? or i have to use 10k rubies to reset? or should i just stick to attack buff?


Don’t listen to them. The second cast of his fever spell is based on hp, but he doesn’t kill towers with that. He kills them with his taps when he is in fever, which is based off attack power. Do the attack power+ ammo route.


! oh wow, yes the stun is only useful to me because of the stun. its my tap attack with initial fever cast that i use to do a lot of damage. thank you very much. i did not know that was based on attack.


Just so you don’t have to take my word for it:


Best path to upgrade Saito's skills for a hunter?

thanks man. just also, so that 150% will always reflect how high the base attack is? correct?


thx much fire…

wow this is so amazing. where did u get that? u made it?


I think it’s modified attack.
Also, rescaled to 115% post spellscaling.

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And will scale with any attack modifications you have (runes, rider, gear, etc).


thats good to hear! cuz i got a amazing set of high level gear for him, saito will be a HUGE bonus with the ammo boost as well.

runes… eh. lol
beside his mythic and legendry. i just have 3 rage epics. would u recommend other runes over rage? cuz i noticed his base rage gain is very slow.


If it’s prospero, you don’t really need any rage runes, just spam adaptive resist. Its probably better to put hunter attack on him because you want to kill the red mage asap when you turn an island

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I personally think he does need rage runes since he can easily blow through 6 rage on a Long Island and then have to use 2 more for fever and another for consume to be ready for next island. Adaptive helps but I feel rage runes allow for a more dynamic experience :man_shrugging:t3:


that is true tzar, but he eats a lot of rage for his scarlett fever and his base rage gain is uber slow.


That is amazingly insightful, thanks @Blackfire565 !
Do you by any chance have a comparison with Kazane?

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Not yet, I’ve heard some conflicting answers about how many skill points she gets when maxed. Saito had 160 but someone said she only gets 130 and the one from the live stream looked like she got 155 unless there is a misprint in the blog post about how much her first HP skill costs


50 max level as far as I know always have 130 SP except Swann I think (She has a bug or intended one that gives her 5 additional SP?)


Kazane get 130 skill points.


According to Dragon Manager Saito gets 160

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