Do infrastructures in atlas go to lvl 15 now or what is the new max?

I cant find the forum anywhere that used to say the max levels you could build for each castle lvl. i thought i remembered reading somewhere though from forums about Atlas in the latest update pages that you can build higher now something like lvl 10 or 15 max? anyone that can point me in that direction or answer this for me thanks.

I think L12 is the highest available to upgrade to.

It would be for HQ and bank i believe, not sure about the other infrastructure items. I thought there was 3 of them but i can’t for the life of my find the thread about it

HQ/Bank/Tower: 12


  • T2: L3
  • T3: L6
  • T4: L9
  • T5: L12
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HQ, Bank, and Tower are uncapped and can goto 12 on any land. A limited number of towers exist that were unintentionally able to upgrade to 15, and have not been taken away.

The fort and refinery are capped based on land level. Where n = land level, the cap is 3(n-1)

Level 2: max level 3 (fort and refinery)
Level 3: max level 6 (fort and refinery)
Level 4: max level 9 (fort and refinery)
Level 5: max level 12 (fort and refinery)

And just to leave info in a tidy little place.

  • HQ limits all buildings to not level beyond its level, determines how many infrastructure sets you can store, gives you xp bonus, and has some buttons related to changing your castle name, team color, paying upkeep and infrastructure storage management. (This is where you appoint a governor also)

  • The bank is where you set taxes, and manage resources, view the ledger, view outgoing transfers, and send resources to it. This is also where a banker can be appointed. It bonuses gold mined from gold mines.

  • The fort is where you hire and view castle guards, enable and disable your shield, grant passage and view the passage list. It bonuses egg tokens and for level 4 & 5 can have clock or troop bonuses too. It also is where a fort combat bonus exists. You can appoint a Marshall here

  • The tower bonuses troop training times, creation of portals, and houses the enfeeble button. It also shows you your portal capacity. You can appoint a scholar

  • The refinary bonuses shards for the element of land it is located on. You can appoint a foreman, but as far as I know a foreman can’t do anything (except maybe upgrade the refinary?)

Of the above some towers have two bonuses, one that goes up per level (combat bonus, defender base level, resource limits, number of infrastructure sets storable, enfeeble percentage, etc) and one that goes up in brackets.

The bracketed bonuses give a fixed number based on level, and the bracket has to be exceeded when adding up all of these. These won’t always give you benefit for upgrading, and are one of the big reasons why you would want higher level lands.

(3 level 3’s can give you the same bonus as 8 level 2’s and it’s a lot harder to spread your team 8 ways if you aren’t stacked in troops and levels)

EDIT: Updated to reflect 12 as the max, but with the caveat of some being grandfathered in to 15 due to unintentional mechanical/bug.

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Lvl 15 is max for HQ and Bank

I think you mean level 12.

At least I don’t think it goes beyond 12 anywhere

no. we at AP have lvl 15 hq and bank

1.65m transfers per load from bank :blush:

I see…that sounds a lot like how Dal had a “max account”.

it wasnt dals island. but keep telling that. maybe u will believe yourself then. :blush:

oh and btw :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart:

FYI - I checked and this seems it was likely unintentional for level 15 to be possible. All formal announcements say 12.

It turns out not many teams can afford upgrading beyond 12 even with significant spending, so it’s not surprising it wasn’t noticed before.

This sentence does not make sense, please try again. But this time be coherent? Asking a lot I know but we have to dream big.

It is also amazing what you can do when you’re not spending either. What a magical time it is.


If it would’ve been Dal’s island, AP would had lost Atlas access as in another thread announced and already happend 1 week ago to some other teams.

u dont need to be jealous someone actually has that much money to spend for the team.
just curious which team do you belong to, to talk so big :slight_smile:

nevermind i found out already. its only a forum account cause your main acc has a Forum Ban.

but that gets off topic so ill stop now

Moving aside from the massive spelling and grammar issues here…

Please read up…this was not an expenditure issue. It was can exploit. And I am pretty sure if you had read the other read, which would make you capable of reading and since we cannot confirm that, the thresholds were not announced so those are an uncorrelated issue.

Simply pointing out and proudly announcing that you have something that is not obtainable by the game seems like a bad idea…or not.

Any news on how this happened yet?

How level 15 happened?

I believe it was accidentally enabled or even left enabled on purpose as it shouldn’t be realistically possible to go that high without crazy high amounts of gold.

If you asked me, I’d say a large amount of rubys were used. Now where did those come from, I can only speculate.

If they were obtained via less than TOS complaint means, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t stay around much longer.

But then who knows. Some people do have more money than they know what to do with.

My understanding is that it is no longer possible to upgrade past level 12, and the rest is none of my business.

Was it confirmed by PG that it’s not possible to upgrade to lvl 15 somewhere?
I can’t find the post and this one kinda just went silent.

Max levels are 3(n-1) and semi recently the bank, tower and HQ were uncapped to be able to upgrade to the same as level 5

I linked the release notes where it said 12

But also 3(5-1) = 12, so 15 would be higher than the max for 5 before the “uncap” intended to only allow level 2-4 lands to have the same level of some towers as level 5

Let’s just leave it at that and maybe PG will choose to share more.

The purpose for this thread is concluded.

Infrastructure does not normally go to 15, but if it was a really old castle from before we reworked how building caps were calculated, it might be grandfathered in to have higher levels than designated by the castle level. Which castle is this specifically so we can take a look?

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You got any more of them “really old castles” for sale?

I’m working an a novel about a boy who’s a magician, and he doesn’t know it. I’m looking for a castle to buy when I finish. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: