Do Medals Matter?

Let’s say the ideal amount of medals for a level 80 is 12M. One level 80 player has 15M and another level 80 has 8M. Do players look at you differently if your medals are higher or lower than the level average? Do medals mean anything? Just wondering!

As a leader who sees people apply, medals mean quite little unless they are abnormally high or low. Even then, it just sparks a question or two.

Base layout and dragons mean far more.


Hey there, I agree with Red. Medals don’t mean much in terms of accepting new players to a guild/sending invites for me as well.
As Red very aptly stated, if they are ridiculously high or low for their level, it does make me look twice and wonder why.
I have an example for this. I was just sifting through people to invite and breezing through. I saw a level 40-some player with less than 100k medals. I don’t know how it’s possible other than it being an alt or an upcoming farm.

What I do look at that plays a big role (in terms of medals) is how many you’ve picked up that week. If it’s Friday and you’ve barely hit 100k medals, I already know you’re not the most active player. Question is: is it a fair metric? My answer is: no. People get sick, people get busy, people have lives. It’s just a quick way to sift through players quickly with what resources I have.

When it comes to receiving applications, most people who apply and know that there’s an issue with what the guild is going to see is to preface their application with a mail to quash any doubts.

Just my 1.5 cents. I don’t have enough merit to say two cents following a post from Red.

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Thank you for the help Red and Slow! Your opinions changed my perspective on viewing medals.:+1:

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Red is the true hero :heart_eyes:

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Well… okay then.

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That’s one way to make a thread awkward.

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I do agree that medals don’t mean much.

However, medals indicate the play style of a potential new team mate. I regularly ask them how long they have been playing but let’s have an example.

Lv 200 with 12 mil medals. Play time 1 year. No break daily log ins.

This guy is clearly a xp base “hero” who hits also some targets for rss from time to time and might quit at 70% after the farms are dead. Either he spends for food or he’s a permanent guest of rss chat and requests on a daily basis.

Lv 200 with 50 mil medals. Play time 1 year. No break daily log ins.

This guy hits live bases on a regular level. Might as well train on hard bases to improve his flying skills.

In case both have the same dragons and base layout I personally would always take the 50 mil medals guy over the xp hero.

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Sorry, It’s something we used to say. Came to my head when someone asked if medals matter. Guess too many civilians to understand. Disregard.


For me, the medals I am looking at are those gained in a week. As Red said, dragon’s roster is most important for me, even than the base layout. Base layout can be improved relatively quick, so not much of a concern.
Active status is paramount and the war points a user has are more telling about the gamer than the total medals.

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