Do Not Declare - Teams with Frequent Flyer Points

Everyone knows of teams that are notorious for using Airplane mode. Thought it might be easier to post a list rather than just using word of mouth since it’s easier to just Not Declare than to lose points to cheaters.


there’s going to be a witch hunt if you list all the teams that you suspect of using airplane mode.


Hang on - let me get my popcorn - this is gonna be good…

“Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”


No. Just no.

Just submit a damn support ticket and stop bringing accusations here-- they do nothing but stir up drama.

Awwwe but dad!!!

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This thread got me all excited for a good show! sooo disappointing. start accusing already!!

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I agree, my popcorn is starting to get cold. If PG won’t do anything about the cheat er I mean exploit, then why not shame them a little and keep them honest.

Oooooo I want popcorn!!!

It’s the good stuff too BSA microwave kettle corn.

Well since no one else is starting i guess i will.

  1. Elle (not sure what team)
  2. Panda (Dreadnaught)

there that should get some outrage going!


I’m not sure what i am accusing them of but… meh

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OMG I can’t stop laughing!!

There are some teams who have pretty much claimed that every team uses airplane mode :rofl:

TBH i haven’t noticed Airplane in a while. but we only war a couple teams.

If you believe you know of teams that are cheating in-game, we encourage all players to submit tickets to our Customer Support team.

Calling out individuals or teams here on the forums is not an appropriate channel to do so. We’re not interested in stirring up drama or directly accusing other players. We don’t want to invite a conversation about individuals’ credibility. We try to stick to the Golden Rule, and all that.

I’ll be closing this thread down for now. Again, if anyone’s interested in directly talking to PG about a user or team in question, it will need to be done through our Support team. It’s also the only effective way to present information that can have actionable results. :hammer: