Do not merge another tower into a cosmic yet

There’s an issue where it only takes the co to the level before the next cosmic charge is needed. Don’t know if this is intentional or not, but want to make sure people don’t accidentally waste a max tower merging to a co


This is the consequences when pg stupidly ups the graphics :woman_facepalming:t2: Adding more bugs than the dickens but thanks Dracaron

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Yeah that’s really not how things work…


There is an issue where when you open chests normally was with silver it would show its text files it’s fixed now though

That’s just caused by slow internet lol

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Are you saying this is not a fair trade?


Looks pretty sideways


I can swap everything on my base and make a level 10 CO into a level 10 CO :thinking: seems like a good deal to me


Or it’s internet trafficking

This is possible until now? :thinking:


Well merging wasnt supposed to be available anyway, just transformations so yeah. I would hope that people would at least look at what their merging results are and see no level gain but then again people do dumb things


This may be desired behaviour.
It’s likely the reason for introducing the extra currency at the “1 + 10 times something” levels would be to ensure you claimed the line specific to that tower in order to get the tower to max level.

thanks for the head up. i’m going to need one more charge at level 420, and then a bunch at 444.

I wonder if level 444 is a full season away for me … :thinking:

Thanks a lot

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