Do not use beta bank transfers


We just had a second team member reset as a bunch of max transfers landed from beta banks! You need to find this bug NOW or turn off transfers. This is ridiculous to loose two team members over 350. Players have already found the cause for you now fix it in the code or disable the feature @PGJared @PGEggToken @PGDave @pgEcho @pgCampusLifer


Thank you for letting us know @Daltwo


I think is likely part of the problem. We have had 4 people reset in the last two weeks. I get releasing new content and that is great but you NEED to test things like this and ONCE you do, at least make an effort to clean up the mess as quickly as possible. This is getting really out of hand…


Were the reset players accounts restored?


I know 2 of the 4 Panda referenced have, One has not yet but it was recent, I don’t know who the 4th was.


Only 2 of 4 but part of the problem is…there has been no official word on WHY this is happening. Not to imagine the stress of constantly having to worry if someone is doing to be reset and dropped on top of having to manage wars with 8% of your team gone.


I would be willing to bet it is somehow tied to the auto ban feature for having over limit rss Campus has mentioned before. Both our players had multiple 650k rss transfers land at same time. I don’t know if they land close enough the auto ban feature thinks they are surpassing the storage hut limit or excactly why but given when our two happened that would be my guess as to what to check first. Although it is only resetting level and base not blocking game access so maybe not…either way it needs attention ASAP.


Yeah that’s definitely concerning. Has a PG employee been tagged yet?


Yes, the OP did and they promptly ignored it…


At least they are consistent :slight_smile:


@PGJared & @Arelyna
Can you confirm that the team is aware of this issue and working on it?


Can you reword that, and has fixed it…I feel like whenever the phrase “working on it” gets used…it means we are generally nowhere near a solution


Could you name the players affected?


Sorry, good point. Could you name the players for @pgEcho?


@pgEcho MamaMongoose is one, and DJDrey is the other. Both have tickets submitted already, but anything to speed the process along would be great.


MamaMongoose and DJDR3Y


We have found the cause of the issue and are fixing now. Fortunately it does not require a update to the App Store.

Players who were reset will also get their accounts restored. Working on this today.


Our two players were restored today. Thanks.


We have fixed the underlying issue causing this to happen, and fixed all players who ticketed as having their accounts reset. Thanks for helping point out the problems.


That’s great news! Thanks!