Do rider base bonuses stack or achieve a global maximum

A while back the forums stated that the building reduction from defender riders was not supposed to stack ie instead of getting a maximum reduction of 36% from 3 max defender riders it topped out at 12% the maximum from one rider. Is this still true? If so, is this true for all rider additions. Ie if I have one rider with 20% red mage hp and another with 10% red mage hp is the global bonus only 20% versus 30%? And then would the rider equipment bonus fall under the same constraint or is gear separate from rider bonuses. Ie if my gear gives 12% increase to archer attack and the rider skill adds 5% is the total base bonus 17% or 12%? Just seeking clarity on how all these bonuses and skills tie together to better determine what and how much each is orth pursuing

I was wondering this and was thinking about rewatching the stream, because I remembered it mentioned, but since it was asked here too… :rofl:

On the Dragon Perch twitch stream, 27:50 is where PGEcho talks about how it’ll select the max boost per type. Armor Gear is the one where everything stacks (mentioned earlier in the stream) on the rider.

Thank you very much

There is only 1 defender rider, thus you can only get the bonus once.

Gear bonuses don’t stack - it picks the highest one depending on the other Rider

You can use different colored dragons to get different bonuses.

Eg - One dragon gives +7% ice tower damage, other gives +7% dark flak bonus


Thank you for that clarification. That helps a lot.

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