Do sigils carry over?


Do sigils carry over from season to season?


Yes they carry 2 the next event


No they do not


He said season to season


Every season has its own sigils; they don’t carry over between seasons or year. So, to be explicit, Fall 2016 sigils didn’t carryover to Fall 2017. Fall 2017 sigils won’t carryover to Winter 2017 either. They do carry over from event to event within a single season.


What fall sigils you have left over you will see next fall


This is 100% false. Sigils do NOT carry over to any other season. Ever.


False, they wont


Don’t understand why this was flagged, I simply asked a question. Not my fault everyone does not take the time to read every comment.

I asked from season to season? not event to event, season to season. Question was answered by user and user confirmed I asked season to season as did I below his/her comment.

Anyways my question was answered - moderator can u please close this topic. thank you.


Someone appears to have flagged your comment no realising you are the OP :joy:
Glad you got your answer. Spend them all this season before Dec 6!


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