Do something about ballistas

The ballista is a useless tower right now, it needs a buff sothat atleast new players dont regret building it.
I suggest increasing its stats and adding something new too like poison slowing down rage gen. or something like that so it can match with other early game towers

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Trebuchets, archers and cannons aren’t really more useful. Live and learn, and merge/transform the towers you don’t like.


Pg actually did increase ballistas a few years ago and they ended up extremely op :joy::joy::joy:. Better to just have pg leave them be and merge them if you need too


hmm… maybr this time give hem a lesser buff

soooo Ballista’s only kicking my a$$ in TR and invader running with the hatchlings :laughing:

Those ballistas are buffed if it’s from the center island

Poison isnt really a very useful mechanic in the game. For dragons it’s pretty useless because hammers will just counter that damage. Poison should perhaps block hammer healing or cut it in half.
For towers poison is either too weak or OP, there’s not much middle ground

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I agree. Though it actually is a nice idea if the poison could reduce rage regenagation. This way there would be another way to attack rage intensive dragons without needing to hit them with a mage. Like a mage the cost would be a spot with very little damage output.
I know there are so many more important things and it won’t happen. However the idea is nice.

Well, PG somewhat thought the same.

But since it’s poison, they made so that it will reduce healing instead.

Since they wanted to make new instead of having to re-balance old towers, they released oculus.

End of story, nothing to see. :joy: