Do Sorcerer Dragons on Perches affect the entire base?

on they gave a detailed description of the buffs that each dragon type gives. For Warrior and Hunter, it specifically says “the island” while sorcerer does not. I had interpreted this as the sorcerer buffs the entire base while the other two buff only the perch island.

The wording:

• Sorcerer: Supershots are more effective. Damaging shots will do more damage, shields have more HP or last longer, and resource buildings will heal for greater amounts.
• Hunter: Increases the attack speed of towers on the island.
• Warrior: Increases the health of all towers on the island.

I’d like to get an official ruling on this, please.


Just the island it’s on.
AND, the hunter only increases the attack of the perch attack damage, not the towers.


I’ve noticed that the Dragon Rider seems to buff the whole base, and the Dragon is just the island. But I too would like to see a genuine response.

See Gox’s answer on another thread.


Oh shizz I didn’t know that!!! Going to be making defensive rider armor double time now

My perch rider got a legendary storm HP piece of gear the other day. It’s lovely :slight_smile:

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Wait seriously? I didn’t know that! But well I hardly put Hunters on my perch, rather warriors legendary or better…

Also be sure to go through all the options to select your dragon properly. Different elemental gear only offers certain combinations of tower buffs. for instance ice elemental gear has blue mage, storm, dark flak, and archer buffs which is perfect for me (and a few more).

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I have AA perched so it’s earth

Quick table
Edits to show the % since they are different for different items and may sway your choice


Thanks for all of the great info!

This might be a stupid question but just to be clear:

Since my defense number doesn’t change when I put a warrior on my perch while having farms and mills on the small island, does it actually buff farm and mill HP but isn’t shown in the base defense rating or do farms and mills not receive the buff because they are not considered a tower?

I read somewhere that farms and mills don’t contribute to base defence rating. Most likely from @mechengg

They should really finally add the damn farm and mill HP info to their info screen so we can see if/when they are boosted/affected :neutral_face:

RSS and mage buildings don’t contribute to XP, but they count in defense RSS gets dissociated from defense rating and counts in completion percentage. We’ve tested it before, and RSS buildings on the effected towers do take more hits with a legendary/mythic warrior dragon.

Edit: And yes, I agree with MareZ’s suggestion :tada:

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When applying defense boosts to my monument, my base defense rating goes up by 0,2% which is probably the boosted low level red mage next to my 4x RSS buildings.
My RSS buildings’ HP should actually make up for a big portion of my whole base HP so it seems like they don’t count towards my base def rating which made me worry…

100% a legendary or above warrior placed on a perch adds the % to the health as dictated by Amoeba website % additions. Red and i have verified this a while ago since we heard this rumor as well.

However when the perch dies, the buff is completely lost.

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I did an update on my wording - fuzzybrain -> inaccuracy

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Thanks for verifying/testing. I already put a mythic warrior with matching rider gear on my perch and was worried that it was all for nothing as the buff actually says “boosts towers” :see_no_evil:

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