Do we have to incubate unnecessary offsprings?

While breeding a certain dragon, game wants me to incubate unnecessary, completed, high fragment rate offsprings that i dont wanna incubate at all and each time it was completed, i have to start autobreed all over again…So if PG would do something about it, it would be awesome…I dont want unnecessary dragons to interrupt breeding process and do autobreed 100-200 times


That would be magnificent!!!

I remember it being suggested before.
Its good to revive such topics again. Its very annoying to mistakenly go for incubating dragons or keep waiting to observe the incubate button only to press autobreed button again and again.

My simple solution suggestion of solution would be to let the player select the empty egg they are targeting to breed so that autobreed stops only when that egg is completed or egg tokens are exhausted.


I like the way you think :blush:

Second this. It’s so annoying. Just ask do you want to continue autobreed and maybe an are you sure msg and then keep it going till a different egg comes to ask. Do feel something needs to happen I tend to click autobreed and walk away .

Agreed, it’s especially annoying when you are in higher tiers and the eggs take so long to hatch. I still have some plat eggs I havent hatched because they take 23 days and I don’t need them

Why not hatch them if your incubator is otherwise unoccupied? Or do you not speed up the dragons you need for your next breeding step?

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Last few forts, I can’t do well in the event because of the sole reason.

Unless level locked I was initially upgrading my incubator inbetween events. I am working through the plats now (hatching the old eggs) but had a few I haven’t done- each one takes one cycle of events to hatch so it takes time to clear them all and in the meantime they interrupt breeding lol

if my incubator wont be occupied why to breed unnecessary dragons???and think about u breed A&A… u wanna incubate chompa and apophet that r not in ur breeding path and spend 60-day speed up??

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I incubated Chompa because my incubator is currently maxed for my level and I wasn’t able to finish A&A or Apophet last breeding event. There was no reason not to incubate Chompa since my incubator would have been gathering dust otherwise. Chompa hatched a few days ago and I could have worked on leveling him up during feeding but the effort to find food didn’t seem worth the effort since I had already maxed Fohmar’s line.

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guess u miss the point i wanted to make…if ur incubator is empty it is all good but today i ll breed deci kerbos which there is chompa with 53% frag rate on i dont need chompa at all and and every 26k tokens ll interrupt autobreed which is quite annoying and unnecessary…if i got that egg i d know it but there is no need to interrupt autobreed just 1-time notification to incubate is enough

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If you hatch it, it won’t interrupt. But yes, I agree that the interruption during auto breeding is extremely annoying. I run into that problem a lot more on my alt account than with my main account.

Edit: I don’t get nearly as many dragons on the main account now. I may get one, maybe 2 during a breeding event.


Are you forgoing research eggs if you don’t incubate? Hope I’m wrong, but last time I looked at this I think I concluded that extra copies of an egg didn’t accumulate for unincubated eggs.

edit: Belatedly answering my own question so nobody who finds this gets misinformed: This was tested in another thread and it was shown that copies of unhatched eggs did accumulate for research. Whew!

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