Do you collect anything?


Hi everyone! Just a fun little question - do you collect anything? Cars, trading cards, etc…

As for me, I collect snowglobes :smiley:


Pokemon cards, books, stationary😂


I’m with you, @GriffenOfDeath, on collecting Pokémon Cards! I’ve been working on my collection ever since they came out, and have built upon it since. I even have the full set for the Topps trading cards that released back in the day!

Other than that, I’m big into collecting retro games! Specifically of the Nintendo 64 variety, but I’ve got a bunch from almost every retro console out there.

I’m also a rabid pin collector, and attending PAX conventions really doesn’t help with that… :money_with_wings:


I collect vintage barware and Pyrex and cast iron. I also collect vinyl, oil lamps, vintage fur, and gaming consoles. I need help!


Starbucks mugs :grin: I have them from all over the world.


I’m that geek that collects comic books :nerd_face:.


They have different cups🤯can we see some?


Whoah, didn’t know they had different ones all over the place :grinning: Neat!


pens, pencils, little crystals and gems, and mostly origami paper. I also have a small collection of Pokémon cards that hasn’t grown since 2013.


Funko Pops! Although it’s a small collection so far, I have the sailor moon set, disney’s inside out, dragon ball z, and I’m working on some other Disney ones.


Oh, I love those! I’m a Marvel fan, so I’ve got Thor and a mini Loki one :grin:


These are some of my favourites


Oooh those are so pretty! :smiley:


Keychains and comic books :laughing:


Dust bunnies under my bed. :wink:


likes… i collect likes

Honestly though, my wife would shoot me if I added more crap to our house, but I collect books.


Games. On my Steam account. Because I never have enough time to play through them all.



I collect friends, and with them, confidence and support.


Toe nails. Not clippings, either.