Do you get to keep the seasonal dragons after the season ends?

I have been grinding to get the seasonal dragons and their Evo stones and have spent hours grinding sigils. But idk if it’s worth it if I’m going to loose all of that at the end of the season.

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You don’t lose anything you’ve already earned. But you can’t get more stones after season ends.


“Evolve with stones that don’t expire once earned” (or something like that), so anything (or most things) you get will not disappear. Unused sigils will be gone at the end of a season, but not dragons, evo stones, riders, and that stuff.

Nope …never

Lol I like it when someone says they’ve been grinding after getting like the first 5 prizes in the event(not saying that’s wut your doing but there are sooooo many that do and then say they have been grinding for their orange teir discount dragon)

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