Do you have a War Dragons side effect? 👀

Before I started playing War Dragons, my breath smelled of fresh picked strawberries each morning. It was a French kissable aroma. But since playing, my morning breath has become something fierce and intolerable … like Dragon’s Breath!!! :flushed:

I am in horror that there could be more side effects that could be detrimental to enjoying a normal human life. At which point, I might have to quit War Dragons. :confused:

Am I the only one who’ve experienced a side effect? :eyes:

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I was the sweetest most gentle soul on the Earth right behind Ghandi before I started playing WD. Now…


When i first started playing i was a little girl… something went terribly wrong

Just a wee little lass to full blown jungle asshole


I’m reminded of the opening of “The Jerk” with Steve Martin.

I’m so thankful that I’m not alone … that there are others suffering along with me :sob:

When I started playing I had an age, now I have gain a few years…

I used to have a normal sleeping schedule, but now with atlas and wars on my mind, I don’t sleep. I’ve also noticed I enjoy hoarding things… like gold and that certain parts on my body are beginning to look like scales. Maybe it’s just the lack of sleep but I’m pretty sure when my mom fainted it was because she saw the talons my toe nails became…


P.S. I don’t remember much of last night but my boyfriend came over and now I can’t find him… I’m also not hungry this morning like I usually am… will update diary once I found him.


I hear it… don’t you? the SONG! It’s everywhere, you can’t hide from it, it’s in my head!!!:joy::rofl: seriously though, I check my phone like 50 times a day thinking I hear it​:man_facepalming::joy::rofl:

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I’ve developed a set of callouses where my iPad rests on my pinkie when I play. I thought I was growing some kind of bizarre finger tumor. :flushed:


What song? Everything’s on mute. How else does one play in inappropriate places? :smirk:


I used to have good vision


Rehab… let’s go rehab…
Bring back the good time :partying_face::beers:

It scared the shit outta me when I got a new phone and first load of WD all these damn noises!!! Silent with vibration rocks

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Update: I found my boyfriend, he’s totally… ok… no need to call the police or anything…
Pfft me? Cannibalism?
Ha… ha…



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