Do you laugh when

You see a successful defend and nobody defended your base and the attacker had 1-2 helpers and still lost


Me? Never! :angel:


I do I even put a YouTube video up with losing sound effects

They attacked you with a platinum legendary dragon first who lost all the rage. That’s applicable to what, L108-120 territory? And what level are you?

Of course any followers we’re going to be severely disadvantage lol.

Anyways, that’s the sum of my comments about it. I do also agree that it’s funny when people fail on my base. But I like it even better when it’s defended and they are hitting with next tier dragons.


not anymore, white spell everywhere and there is no improvement of AI.
even line dragon has white spell and the only thing to suppress that is ice flak supper shot which depend on luck, plus how little amount of supper shot one can have

White flaks have the longest range of any tower in the game on a short island if your can put that flak and a storm/earth flak to protect it from a white spell long enough to disable all spells except passive spells now on Long island I wouldn’t recommend putting it on the first 5 building but behind the first 5 tower that way it can get a SS off but that’s my opinion

What’s that ? :roll_eyes:

It awesome when you can shoot down 5 drags. It’s even better when it’s at 69%. :smiling_imp:

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Hammer spam the farms until you get below 70% lmao.

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Ice flak super range is same as normal fire flak. It’s only it’s normal shot that is long range.

I liked shooting down the Vanguard Pathox and two others on your base yesterday :joy:


No don’t shoot down pathox lol

This comment feels like it should be forwarded to that “Pathox is OP” thread :rofl:


I like seeing a good base fell “OP” dragons :joy:


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