Do you need mythic dragons to upgrade neptus?

Or do you just need any 2 dragons of a tier to cap him until the next.

You dont need mythics to level, just uncap next tier to level and you’re good to go.

Thanks, so you are saying you only need 1 lineage dragon to cap it out for that tier or is it 2 like necryx.

Its two like Necryx

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Morph and other mythical require 4 legendary at a higher level (one or two before max I believe) but never require mythics

Kinnarus and others from that season required a mythic Emerald to Expert them. Morphos needed 4 Emerald dragons, no matter if legendary or mythic .

Those were not the mythics.

The mythics have always had different evolution requirements.

Algor, Morph, merkt, moonfang, and now neptus all have special leveling that does not match the regular (non mythic) dragons.

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Well…in my Den, Kinn and Zamrok are presented as mythics. Borgian will show as well, but I don’t have him.

And you needed one mythic emerald dragon, to level Kinn and Zamrok to Expert :man_shrugging:t2:

Let me clarify. You can bump any dragons stats into mythic category by using runes and stuff.

But each season there is a seasonal mythic. (This is what I’m talking about)

The seasonal mythic will become mythic without runes it buffs by just leveling it. Some start out mythic. Most you need to get level to near max.

The seasonal mythic requires you have the 3 regular lines fully obtained to get it. This dragon (seasonal mythic) has special evolution.


I know that, but the Kinn season was different. The original dragon designs sucked so badly, that they revamped the complete line. And all seasonal dragons were promoted to mythic category, without any buffs or runes needed. The seasonal mythics start out as legendary dragons in lower tiers and evolve to mythic on their final evolution step.
The Kinn/Zam/Borg season was a complete mess. All other seasons followed the scheme, you described.


This is simply not true. You had to have runes. Maybe the ones on the seasonal line did the trick but you probably needed more rune dust than was available on the line.

It’s not really relevant to my point. The unlock requirements for the next evolution stone were unique for “the season mythic” dragon and not the others. They follow a pattern which has been continued everywhere. (I can’t confirm if neptus does as I would have met all criteria ahead of time)

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